Rethinking Northern Ireland provides a coherent and critical account of the Northern Ireland conflict. Most writing on Northern Ireland is informed by British propaganda, unionist ideology or currently popular 'ethnic conflict' paradigm which allows analysts to wallow in a fascination with tribal loyalty. Rethinking Northern Ireland sets the record straight by reembedding the conflict in Ireland in the history of an literature on imperialism and colonialism.

Written by Irish, Scottish and English women and men it includes material on neglected topics such as the role of Britain, gender, culture and sectarianism. It presents a formidable challenge to the shibboleths of contemporary debate on Northern Ireland. A just and lasting peace necessitates thorough re-evaluation and Rethinking Northern Ireland provides a stimulus to that urgent task.

part 1|122 pages

Explanations, Ideologies and Strategies

part 2|74 pages

Spaces, Structures and Struggles

chapter 6|21 pages

Rethinking national problems in a transnational context

ByJames Anderson

chapter 7|14 pages

Politics, the economy and peace in Northern Ireland

ByRonnie Munck, Douglas Hamilton

chapter 8|19 pages

Feminism and nationalism in Ireland

ByCarol Coulter

chapter 9|18 pages

Is sectarianism racism? Theorising the racism/sectarianism interface

ByRobbie McVeigh

part 3|78 pages

Culture, Conflict and Representation

chapter 10|12 pages

Don't mention the war: Culture in Northern Ireland

ByRonan Bennett

chapter 11|17 pages

Representing gender and national identity

BySarah Edge