Written by a group of the UK's leading Sociologists, this book covers in one volume all of the themes central to an understanding of contemporary British Society. Essays provide an historical overview of such topics as class, gender, work, ethnicity and community but also make a theoretical and substantive contribution to current debates.

chapter Chapter 1|9 pages


ByHuw Beynon, Pandeli Glavanis

chapter Chapter 2|10 pages

Richard Brown and British sociology 1

ByIan Roberts

chapter Chapter 3|16 pages

Gender inequality and divisions of labour

BySheila Allen

chapter Chapter 4|18 pages

A classless society?

ByHuw Beynon

chapter Chapter 5|20 pages

‘Race’, racism and the politics of identity

ByPandeli Glavanis

chapter Chapter 6|23 pages

Patterns of inequality in education

ByRobert G. Burgess

chapter Chapter 7|12 pages

Culture at work

ByJohn Eldridge

chapter Chapter 8|11 pages

Industrial sociology and the labour process

ByTheo Nichols

chapter Chapter 10|14 pages

A historical construction of the working class

ByIan Roberts

chapter Chapter 11|15 pages

Sexual segregation and community 1

ByFrank Ennis

chapter Chapter 12|15 pages

Not working in the inner city: unemployment from the 1970s to the 1990s

ByMargaret M. Curran