In recent years there has been growing debate among sociologists about the concept of class and its relevance to the highly industrialised world of the late twentieth century. This book makes available in a single volume all of the key contributions to this debate and takes it a step further with a number of specially commissioned pieces. An editorial introduction which sets the main arguments in context, additional commentary and two alternative conclusions help to make this a unique text for a subject that remains crucial yet highly contentious.

part |63 pages

Class in a Post-Communist World

part |51 pages

British Sociology and Class Analysis

chapter |12 pages

The promising future of class analysis 1

ByJohn H. Goldthorpe, Gordon Marshall

chapter |5 pages

A reply to Goldthorpe and Marshall 1

ByRay Pahl

chapter |12 pages

Gender and class analysis 1

ByRosemary Crompton

chapter |9 pages

Class analysis: Back to the future? 1

ByJohn Scott

part |108 pages

Researching Class

chapter |12 pages

Patterns of capitalist development 1

ByJohn Scott

chapter |13 pages

Comparative studies in class structure 1

ByJohn Myles, Adnan Turegun

chapter |12 pages

Classes, underclasses and the labour market 1

ByLydia Morris

chapter |13 pages

Class and politics in advanced industrial societies 1

ByJohn H. Goldthorpe

chapter |16 pages

Class inequalities and educational reform in twentieth-century Britain 1

ByAnthony Heath, Peter Clifford

part |17 pages

Editorial Conclusions

chapter |9 pages

Weak class theories or strong sociology? 1

ByDavid J. Lee

chapter |8 pages

Capitalism, classes and citizenship 1

ByBryan S. Turner