Much literary criticism focuses on literary producers and their products, but an important part of such work considers the end-user, the reader. It asks such questions as: how far can the author condition the response of the reader, and how much does the reader create the meaning of a text? Dr Bennett's collection includes important essays from such writers and critics as Wolfgang Iser, Mary Jacobus, Roger Chartier, Michel de Certeau, Shoshana Felman, Maurice Blanchot, Paul de Man and Yves Bonnefoy. It looks in turn at deconstructionist, feminist, new historicist and psychoanalytical response to the school. The book then considers the act of reading itself, discussing such issues as the uniqueness of any reading and the difficulties involved in its analysis.

chapter |19 pages


ByAndrew Bennett

chapter |12 pages

Interaction between Text and Reader*

ByWolfgang Iser

chapter |34 pages

Reader-Response Criticism*

ByVincent B. Leitch

chapter |28 pages

Reading Ourselves: Toward a Feminist Theory of Reading*

ByPatrocinio P. Schweickart

chapter |18 pages

An Unnecessary Maze of Sign-Reading*

ByMary Jacobus

chapter |20 pages

Feminism, New Historicism and the Reader*

ByWai-Chee Dimock

chapter |14 pages

Reading as Poaching*

ByMichel de Certeau

chapter |17 pages

Wilde's Hard Labour and the Birth of Gay Reading*

ByWayne Koestenbaum

chapter |8 pages


ByMaurice Blanchot

chapter |9 pages

The Resistance to Theory*

ByPaul De Man

chapter |17 pages

Reading Unreadability: de Man*

ByJ. Hillis Miller

chapter |13 pages

Lifting Our Eyes from the Page*

ByYves Bonnefoy