Bringing together a range of South Asian perspectives on rising China in a comparative framework, an attempt has been made, for the first time, to identify and examine the political, economic and socio-cultural stakeholders and constituencies that influence the respective policy of individual South Asian countries towards China. The essays also project how their mutual relations are likely to be shaped by these. The book is especially relevant today owing to China’s growing weight in Asian and global affairs.

chapter |7 pages


ByTan Tai Yong

chapter 1|35 pages

Bangladesh: A Partner for Peace and Prosperity

ByC. M. Shafi Sami

chapter 2|29 pages

Bangladesh: Opportunities and Challenges

ByIftekhar Ahmed Chowdhury

chapter 3|24 pages

Bhutan: Cautiously Cultivated Positive Perception

ByCaroline Brassard

chapter 4|33 pages

India: An Opportunity; and an Anxiety

BySrikanth Kondapalli

chapter 5|16 pages

China and India: Growth Outcomes and Economic Exchanges

ByBibek Debroy, Amitendu Palit

chapter 6|31 pages

Nepal: A Benign Neighbourhood Power

ByShambhu Ram Simkhada

chapter 7|37 pages

Pakistan: Perceptions and Responses of an All-weather Friend

ByIftikhar A. Lodhi

chapter 8|24 pages

Pakistan: Challenge of China’s ‘Second Rise’

ByShahid Javed Burki

chapter 9|31 pages

Sri Lanka: China as a Model of Growth and Modernisation

ByJayantha Dhanapala, John Gooneratne

chapter 10|19 pages

An Overview: Positive Perceptions, Anxious Undercurrents

ByS. D. Muni