Future Challenges for the Port and Shipping Sector discusses the issues that most influence the future of the maritime and port industries. Important topics covered in this book include:

  • Maritime trade, future trade flows, evolutions in international trade, shipping capacity and demand
  • Developments in ship construction and their economic consequences
  • Future developments in ports: technology and economics
  • The future role of port authorities
  • The future development in ports
  • Financial developments

This book looks at shipping from an holistic point of view and will be especially compelling in these challenging times.

chapter Chapter 1|25 pages

Maritime Traffic and the World Economy

ByHilde Meersman

chapter Chapter 2|26 pages

The Future of Ships and Shipbuilding—A Look into the Crystal Ball

ByHans Hopman, Ubald Nienhuis

chapter Chapter 3|15 pages

Future Developments in Ports

ByEnrico Musso

chapter Chapter 4|19 pages

Global Economic Changes and the Future of Port Authorities *

ByAntonio Estache, Lourdes Trujillo

chapter Chapter 5|19 pages

The Economic Fabric of Ports

ByHilde Meersman, Eddy Van de Voorde, Thierry Vanelslander

chapter Chapter 6|17 pages

Bottlenecks of Efficiency and the Development of Port Business

ByRosário Macário, José Viegas

chapter Chapter 7|15 pages

Developments and Issues in Shipping Finance

ByCostas Th. Grammenos

chapter Chapter 8|17 pages

Scenarios and Strategies for the Port and Shipping Sector

ByHilde Meersman, Eddy Van de Voorde, Thierry Vanelslander