Risk Management in Port Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Security is the first book to address security, risk and reliability issues in maritime, port and supply chain settings. In particular this title tackles operational challenges that port, shipping, international logistics and supply chain operators face today in view of the new security regulations and the requirements of increased visibility across the supply chain.

part 1|60 pages


chapter 1|31 pages

Marine Reporting and Maritime Security

ByMark Rowbotham

chapter 2|20 pages

Global Trade System: Development Update

ByDean L. Kothmann

part 2|103 pages

Systems for Enhancing Port Security and Operational Efficiency

chapter 4|20 pages

Planning and Implementing RFID Technologies to Enhance Security in Port Operations

ByGiovanni Luca Barletta, Khalid Bichou

chapter 5|12 pages

Port Recovery from Security Incidents: a Simulation Approach

ByGhaith Rabadi, C. Ariel Pinto, Wayne Talley, Jean-Paul Arnaout

chapter 6|11 pages

Security and Reliability of the Liner Container-Shipping Network: Analysis of Robustness using a Complex Network Framework

ByPanagiotis Angeloudis, Khalid Bichou, Michael G.H. Bell

chapter 7|10 pages

Port Efficiency and the Stability of Container Liner Schedules

ByMichael G.H. Bell, Khalid Bichou, Kevin Feldman

chapter 8|18 pages

Predicting the Performance of Container Terminal Operations using Artificial Neural Networks

ByRichard Linn, Jiyin Liu, Yat-wah Wan, Chuqian Zhang

chapter 9|29 pages

Container Terminal Operations Under The Influence of Shipping Alliances

ByXiaoning Shi, Stefan Voß

part 3|98 pages

Frameworks for Managing the Security of Global Trading and Supply-Chain Systems

chapter 10|28 pages

Voluntary Supply-Chain Security Programme Impacts: An Empirical Study with Basc Member Companies

ByXimena Gutiérrez, Philippe Wieser, Juha Hintsa

chapter 13|16 pages

Maritime Container Security: A Cargo Interest Perspective

ByMary R. Brooks, Kenneth J. Button

chapter 14|17 pages

Managing Security Through Quality Management: A Case Study to Implement the 24-Hour Rule in a Liner Shipping Company

ByKhalid Bichou, Kee-hung Lai, Y.H. Venus Lun, T.C. Edwin Cheng

part 4|104 pages

Models for Analysing Security Risks and Policy Implications

chapter 16|16 pages

Maritime Security and Regulatory Risk-Based Models: Review and Critical Analysis

ByKhalid Bichou, Andrew Evans

chapter 17|21 pages

Isps Code Implementation in Ports: Costs and Related Financing

ByHassiba Benamara, Regina Asariotis

chapter 18|32 pages

Enhancing Port Security Via the Enactment of Eu Policies

ByAthanasios A. Pallis, George K. Vaggelas

chapter 19|11 pages

Strategic Risk Management in Ports

ByS.N. Srikanth, Ramesh Venkataraman