The Routledge Companion to Consumer Behavior Analysis provides a unique and eclectic combination of behavioral, cognitive and environmental perspectives to illuminate the real-world complexities of consumer choice in a marketing-oriented economy. Edited by a leading authority in the field, the contributing authors have created a unique anthology for understanding consumer preference by bringing together the very latest research and thinking in consumer behavior analysis.

This comprehensive and innovative volume ranges over a broad multi-disciplinary perspective from economic psychology, behavioral psychology and experimental economics, but its chief focus is on the critical evaluation of consumer choice in the natural settings of affluent, marketing-oriented economies. By focussing on human economic and social choices, which involve social exchange, it explores and reveals the enormous potential of consumer behavior analysis to illuminate the role of modern marketing-oriented business organizations in shaping and responding to consumer choice.

This will be of particular interest to academics, researchers and advanced students in marketing, consumer behavior, behavior analysis, social psychology, behavioral economics and behavioral psychology.

part |21 pages


chapter |20 pages

Consumer behavior analysis comes of age

ByGordon R. Foxall

part |205 pages

Behavioral economics meets marketing science

chapter |15 pages

Experimental analyses of consumer choices

ByAsle Fagerstrøm, Valdimar Sigurdsson

chapter |11 pages

Behavior analysis of in-store consumer behavior

ByValdimar Sigurdsson, Nils Magne Larsen, Asle Fagerstrøm

chapter |14 pages

Behavior analysis of online consumer behavior

ByValdimar Sigurdsson, Nils Magne Larsen, R. G. Vishnu Menon

chapter |13 pages

Equivalence classes and preferences in consumer choice

ByErik Arntzen, Asle Fagerstrøm, Gordon R. Foxall

chapter |18 pages

Experimental analyses of choice and matching

From the animal laboratory to the marketplace
ByValdimar Sigurdsson, Gordon R. Foxall

chapter |25 pages

Consumer store choice

A matching analysis
ByNguyen Bui Huynh, Gordon R. Foxall

chapter |17 pages

Dimensions of demand elasticity

ByJorge M. Oliveira-Castro, Gordon R. Foxall

chapter |12 pages

Essential value in the Behavioral Perspective Model

ByJi Yan, Gordon R. Foxall

chapter |25 pages

Triple jeopardy in a behavioral perspective

A Bayesian hierarchical model
ByAndrew Rogers, Peter Morgan, Gordon R. Foxall

chapter |27 pages

Consumer purchase and brand performance

The basis of brand market structure
ByRafael Barreiros Porto, Jorge M. Oliveira-Castro

chapter |11 pages

What do consumers maximize?

The analysis of utility functions in light of the Behavioral Perspective Model
ByJorge M. Oliveira-Castro, Paulo R. Cavalcanti, Gordon R. Foxall

chapter |16 pages

The Behavioral Perspective Model in the Latin-American context

Empirical and conceptual contributions
ByMarithza Sandoval-Escobar, Iván Felipe Medina

part |201 pages

Behavioral interpretation of consumer choice

chapter |11 pages

Gambling behavior

ByMark R. Dixon, Jordan Belisle

chapter |16 pages

When loss rewards

The near-miss effect in slot-machine gambling
ByGordon R. Foxall, Valdimar Sigurdsson

chapter |14 pages

A functional analysis of corruption from a behavioral-economic perspective

ByPatrícia Luque Carreiro, Jorge M. Oliveira-Castro

chapter |24 pages

From consumer response to corporate response

The Behavioral Perspective Model of marketing practices
ByKevin J. Vella

chapter |10 pages

Motivating operations and consumer choice

ByAsle Fagerstrøm, Erik Arntzen

chapter |22 pages

Consumers as inforagers

ByWooyang Kim, Donald A. Hantula

chapter |16 pages

Consumer behavior analysis

A view from psychoanalysis
ByJohn Desmond

chapter |13 pages

Ethnographical interpretation of consumer behavior

Employing the Behavioral Perspective Model
ByPaul M. W. Hackett

chapter |21 pages

Collective intentionality and symbolic reinforcement

An investigation of Thai car-consumer clubs
BySumana Laparojkit, Gordon R. Foxall

chapter |17 pages

Consumer confusion

A Behavioral Perspective Model perspective
ByIoanna Anninou, Gordon R. Foxall, John G. Pallister

chapter |14 pages

Consumer heterophenomenology

ByGordon R. Foxall