Through candid discussions and personal counter-narrative stories, Black Faculty in the Academy explores the experiences and challenges faced by faculty of color in academe. Black faculty in predominantly White college and university settings must negotiate multiple and competing identities while struggling with issues of marginality, otherness, and invisible barriers. This important book illuminates how faculty can develop a professional identity that leads to success in academe, while at the same time remaining true to cultural and personal identities. Through rich narratives, chapter authors situate race-related encounters at the center of their experience in an effort to deconstruct and challenge commonly held assumptions about life in academe. They also provide key recommendations and strategies to help faculty of color ensure their continued professional success. Framed by critical race theory, these stories show how faculty can successfully maneuver through all stages of a career in academe, including tenure and promotion, publication, mentoring, networking, teaching, and dealing with institutional climate issues. This valuable book is for faculty and administrators seeking to create an environment that nurtures professional growth and fosters success among Black faculty.

chapter |9 pages


ByFrank Tuitt, Fred A. Bonner

part |41 pages

Black Faculty

chapter |10 pages

Acclimating to the Institutional Climate

There's a “Chill” in the Air
ByMark Giles

chapter |10 pages

The Life of a Black Male Scholar

Contesting Racial Microaggressions in Academe
ByAriel William Moore

chapter |8 pages

Social Networking and Support

No, I Don't Know How to Play Golf
ByAnton Lewis, Katherine Helm

chapter |11 pages

Cultural Taxation and the Over-Commitment of Service at Predominantly White Institutions

ByMarjorie C. Shavers, J. Yasmine Butler, James L. Moore

part |49 pages

Black Faculty

chapter |12 pages

Black Faculty Negotiating the Microaggressions in Scholarship

Byaretha faye marbley, Leon Rouson, Jiaqi Li, Shih-Han Huang, Colette M. Taylor

chapter |10 pages

Navigating Raced-Gendered Microaggressions

The Experiences of a Tenure-Track Black Female Scholar
ByDorinda J. Carter Andrews

chapter |13 pages

Black Queer (Re)presentation in (White) Academe

I am the Hell and the High Water
ByDafina-Lazarus Stewart

part |43 pages

Black Faculty

chapter |8 pages

Engaging Mentoring Relationships in Academia

Hard Lessons Learned
ByBuffy Smith

chapter |14 pages

The Critical Need for Faculty Mentoring

Say Brother, Can You Spare the Time?
ByFred A. Bonner

chapter |9 pages

Establishing Critical Relationships with Students

That's Not What White Professor “X” Told Us
BySaundra M. Tomlinson-Clarke