Transform your ideas and data into norm-referenced standardized tests with this “how-to” manual. Edited by the author of the Miller Assessment for Preschoolers (MAP), a nationally standardized, norm-referenced test, Developing Norm-Referenced Standardized Tests is designed specifically for occupational and physical therapists who have an interest in conducting research, either with established scientists or independently in order to pursue questions of interest. This unique volume leads the reader through the process of test development step-by-step, including identification of a concept that should be subjected to testing, development of appropriate test items, and the procedures for standarizing a norm-referenced test. Not only will professionals learn to develop new tests, but they will also increase their understanding of the process of test development for instruments which are already available.

chapter Chapter 2|28 pages

Planning the Initial Version

chapter Chapter 4|28 pages

Standardizing an Assessment

chapter Chapter 5|33 pages

Norms and Scores

chapter Chapter 6|23 pages


chapter Chapter 7|20 pages


chapter Chapter 8|15 pages

Preparing the Examiner’s Manual

chapter |10 pages


Test Development on the Installment Plan or “How I Developed a Test in 27,000 Easy Steps”