Approaching the Renaissance from many perspectives-historicism, genre studies, close reading, anthropology, feminism, new historicism, cultural materialism and postmodernism-these original essays explore the boundaries between genre and gender, languages and literatures, reading and criticism, the Renaissance and the Middle Ages, the early modern and the post-modern, world and theater. They offer a new way of looking at the Renaissance and at literature and history generally-through the lens of cultural pluralism, which reflects the changing nature of Western society. The collection reveals that the study of literature should take into account its cultural context and that it is enriched by an examination of other literatures.

chapter |14 pages

Reading the Renaissance: An Introduction

ByJonathan Hart

part |48 pages

The Text, the Reader, and the Self

chapter |18 pages

Ritual and Text in the Renaissance

ByThomas M. Greene

part |88 pages

Continuities and Discontinuities

chapter |38 pages

The Ends of Renaissance Comedy

ByJonathan Hart

chapter |16 pages

Troilus and Cressida: Voices in the Darkness of Troy

ByRobert Rawdon Wilson, Edward Milowicki

chapter |18 pages

Two Tents on Bosworth Field: Richard III V.iii, iv, v

ByHarry Levin

part |42 pages


chapter |24 pages

Noble Deeds and the Secret Singularity: Hamlet and Phèdre

ByPaul Morrison

chapter |16 pages

Narrative and Theatre: From Manuel Puig to Lope de Vega

ByRichard A. Young