This vital book reaffirms librarians’enthusiasm for books and readers in the midst of the evolution of libraries-from reading centers to information centers where librarians are now Web masters, information scientists, and media experts. Readers, Reading, and Librarians explores the future of the book as a medium. With nearly two hundred open-ended interviews with readers who read for pleasure, this book looks at how and why they choose or reject certain books.Readers, Reading, and Librarians examines:

  • reasons for the current decline in pleasure reading
  • the need for librarians to sponsor book groups
  • the current focus on “electronic wonders”
  • balancing the missions of acting as an advisory service for readers and maintaining your library's technological services
  • and much more!

chapter |3 pages

Introduction: Remembrance of Things Past–and Future

ByBill Katz

part |85 pages

Reading, Books, and Librarians

chapter |17 pages

Making Choices: What Readers Say About Choosing Books to Read for Pleasure

ByCatherine Sheldrick Ross

chapter |15 pages

Some Speculation on the Future of the Book

ByLee Shiflett

chapter |10 pages

The Meaning of Reading: Fiction and Public Libraries

ByKathleen de la Peña McCook, Catherine Jasper

chapter |19 pages

Books Are for Use? Keeping the Faith in Reading

ByJim Dwyer

chapter |9 pages

A Librarian’s Thoughts on Reading

BySherri Kendrick

part |50 pages

Readers’ Advisory

chapter |9 pages

Reading the Future of the Public Library

ByJoyce G. Saricks

chapter |8 pages

Reaching Library Patrons with Special Services and Materials

ByKathleen O. Mayo

chapter |10 pages

Flow: The Benefits of Pleasure Reading and Tapping Readers’ Interests

ByCathleen A. Towey

part |36 pages

Children and Reading

part |11 pages

Librarians in Fiction

part |17 pages

Best Books and the Canon

chapter |12 pages

Best Books and Readers

ByBill Katz

chapter |5 pages

A Prevalence of Lists

ByMarjorie Lewis