Become better informed about Greek academic librarianship at a time of great potential for changes and advances in academic libraries in Greece! Rapid changes are occurring in these libraries as more professionally and technically trained Greek librarians are available, contact with American, British, and European librarians is increased, and new technology becomes readily available. Academic Libraries in Greece provides complete information on such varied subjects as automation, collection development, departmental libraries, education for librarianship, interlibrary loan, and library management, pointing out past experiences, current activities, and future prospects. There is an historical overview of Greek academic libraries and some libraries are described in some detail. The contributors, who include Greek, American and British librarians or education specialists who have had an opportunity to work in or closely observe Greek academic libraries, provide a historical overview of the development of Greek academic libraries and detailed descriptions of some specific libraries.Academic Libraries in Greece address important issues in Greek academic librarianship such as:

  • How did the modern Greek library develop and how does it operate?
  • What are its specific automation needs and how can they be met?
  • What is the current status of automation and what are the prospects for the future?
  • How can new needs be met under the present system and what are the prospects for change?
  • The history and current efforts of library training, and the value of foreign exchange programs and provides examples
  • An in-depth analysis of a departmental library in Greece

    Librarians, education specialists, and students interested in international librarianship and education, and especially those who have an interest in the situation in Greece, will find invaluable first hand accounts of the views and understanding of professionals who have recently been on the scene. Library science faculty teaching library history, international librarianship, or how library theory and practice is applied in a foreign setting will be greatly interested in this insightful text.

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