Catch up with the many innovations now affecting sci/tech libraries!

The twenty-four chapters in Innovations in Science and Technology Libraries discuss the creation of digital collections, e-repositories, personalized Web environments, and discipline-specific Web sites for students and researchers. The book also explores the use of new technologies to improve document delivery and service provision as well as demonstrations of leadership by science librarians who are willing to take risks, adapt to change, control costs, and collaborate with colleagues.

Here is just a fraction of the fascinating cases and important concepts highlighted in Innovations in Science and Technology Libraries:

  • the Drexel University Library’s transition from print to an electronic-only journal collection
  • the benefits of adopting a just-in-time (purchase on demand) rather than a just-in-case acquisitions policy
  • IntelliDoc—how it has raised the standard for document delivery worldwide and increased international recognition of CISTI
  • how California State University, Sacramento, merged its science library into its central reference department—an examination of the two-year merging process
  • the creation of branch libraries focused on electronic information—an engineering library at Kansas State University and an agriculture library at the University of Manitoba
  • the impact of electronic information upon undergraduate science education
  • literacy competencies in the sciences—and their implications for library instruction
  • how the MIT libraries created and developed the Reference Vision system that now guides all of their new reference services
  • the impact of learning communities upon library services
  • recent additions that enhance the usefulness of the IEEE Xplore online delivery system
Innovations in Science and Technology Libraries will bring you up-to-date on the latest developments, sharpen your awareness of new concepts and techniques in sci/tech librarianship, and help your library stay abreast of important changes in this ever-evolving field. Make it a part of your professional reference collection today!

chapter |3 pages


ByWilliam Miller, Rita M. Pellen

chapter |16 pages

Collaborative Development of Agricultural Information Services at the National Agricultural Library of the United States

ByEleanor G. Frierson, Melanie Gardner, Susan McCarthy, Peggy J. Blake

chapter |15 pages

Implementing an Institutional Repository: The DSpace Experience at MIT

ByPatsy Baudoin, Margret Branschofsky

chapter |25 pages

Scholars and Citizens: Making Research Level Collections Accessible to the Public at SIBL

ByJohn Ganly, Andrea Harland, Kristin McDonough

chapter |13 pages

Academic Meets Corporate: Science and Technology Library Services in the Corporate World

ByRoger Durbin, Jo Ann Calzonetti

chapter |19 pages

IntelliDoc: Integrating CISTI's Information Services

ByMary VanBuskirk

chapter |27 pages

Alaska Resources Library and Information Services: Pioneering Partnerships on the Last Frontier

ByDaria O. Carle, Juli Braund-Allen

chapter |20 pages

Subject Access Through Community Partnerships: A Case Study

ByPatricia A. Kreitz, Travis C. Brooks

chapter |14 pages

The Evolving Electronic Joumal Collection at Drexel University

ByCarol Hansen Montgomery

chapter |8 pages

Evolution of a Revolution: The Movement to 24/7 Web-Based Libraries

ByRichard P. Widdicombe

chapter |13 pages

Changing the Publishing Paradigm for Science and Technology

ByGloriana St. Clair, Erika C. Linke

chapter |9 pages

Entrepreneurial Librarians: Embracing Innovation and Motivation

ByJoAnn DeVries

chapter |20 pages

Taming the Two Cultures: Integrating the Science Divisional Library into the Main Library

ByJian-zhong (Joe) Zhou, Leilani Hall

chapter |20 pages

Information Technology and Its Impact on Undergraduate Science Education

ByAlison Scott Ricker

chapter |17 pages

Envisioning Reference at MIT

BySteve Gass, Pat Flanagan, Lisa Horowitz

chapter |48 pages

Learning Communities: An Investigative Study into Their Impact on Library Services

BySohair F. Wastawy, Charles W. Uth, Christopher Stewart

chapter |9 pages

Rethinking Interlibrary Loan for the Scientist

ByMignon Adams

chapter |9 pages

Effective Leadership in Postmodern Science/Technology Libraries

ByDonald G. Frank