Get an inside look at the changing world of serials management!

Transforming Serials: The Revolution Continues (Parts I and II) will help you navigate the changing landscape in serials with a unique collection of fresh insights, new techniques and tools, and practical solutions. The book documents NASIG's 17th Annual Conference (2002, Williamsburg, Virginia), examining the ongoing effects technology has on scholarly communications and serial publications; the rapid changes in presentation of information and seamless interfaces; the evolving skills publishers, vendors and librarians need in dealing with information seekers; and the need for cooperation and communication among publishers, vendors and librarians. Topics addressed in the conference’s workshops and presentations included MARC21, e-journals, ILS conversion, AACR2, subsidized unmediated ordering (SUMO), aggregated databases, library and Internet standards, and Web-based tracking systems.

Transforming Serials examines the future of information access and distribution, the future of digitized materials, and new roles for public service librarians. These conference proceedings of the North American Serials Interest Group, Inc. (NASIG) reflect the diverse interests of the serials community, promoting communication, information, and continuing education about serials and the broader issues of scholarly communication. Topics discussed in the book include:

  • the future of information access and distribution
  • the future of digitized materials
  • open URL and SFX open linking
  • e-journal subscription management systems
  • managing electronic serials, outsourcing, and new products in the marketplace
  • e-journals and citation patterns
  • cataloging serials reproductions
  • cataloging serials for consortium catalogs
  • periodical check-in
  • and much more!
Transforming Serials: The Revolution Continues (Parts I and II) is an essential resource for anyone who's joined the revolution in serials management, including librarians, publishers, vendors, educators, database producers, and library systems representatives.

chapter |2 pages


BySusan L. Scheiberg, Shelley Neville

part |22 pages

Preconference Programs

chapter |5 pages

Implementing MARC 21 for Holdings

ByDiane Hillmann, Ruth Hass, Rachel Hollis, Stephanie Schmitt, Pat Loghry

chapter |14 pages

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Electronic Journals But Were Afraid to Ask

ByStefanie Wittenbach, John Hughes

part |25 pages

Plenary Sessions

chapter |9 pages

Web Portals: The Future of Information Access and Distribution

ByHoward Strauss

chapter |5 pages

The Future of Digitized Materials: Where We Have Been and Where We’re Going

ByDavid Seaman, October Ivins

part |103 pages

Concurrent Sessions

chapter |11 pages

Scholarly Journals Should Be Treated as a Public Good

BySteve Black

chapter |3 pages

Challenging Current Publishing Models

ByJan Velterop, David Goodman, Virginia A. Rumph

chapter |13 pages

The OpenURL and SFX Linking

ByNettie Lagace

chapter |23 pages

Seize the E! The Eclectic Journal and Its Ramifications

ByGerry McKiernan

chapter |4 pages

Historical Messages in the Digital Medium

ByRoger Matuz, Nancy Godleski, Christine Ericson

chapter |8 pages

Get Hip to E-Journals and Forget About the Print: Inciting a Faculty Revolution?

ByJanet Palmer, Mark Sandler, Sarah E. George

chapter |11 pages

Cataloging: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

ByRegina Romano Reynolds, JoAnne Deeken

part |175 pages


chapter |6 pages

E-Journal Subscription Management Systems and Beyond

ByGregory Szczyrbak, Louise Pierce, Karen Matthews

chapter |8 pages

Conducting Serials Surveys: Common Mistakes and Recommended Approaches

BySusan Gardner, Susan B. Markley

chapter |4 pages

ILS Conversion and the Prediction Pattern Conundrum: What Do You Do on Day 1?

ByMichael Kaplan, Kim Maxwell, Sarah Tusa

chapter |5 pages

Writing for Serialists in the Work Environment

ByBob Schatz, Jane Thompson

chapter |7 pages

Maneuvering Your Serials Troops Through the Mine Fields of Change

ByRene J. Erlandson, Sandra Barstow

chapter |6 pages

Teaching Electronic Journals: Finding, Using, and Citing Them

ByStewart Brower, Krueger Janice M., Jill Emery

chapter |6 pages

Thinking and Working Outside the (Library) Box: From Revolutionary Idea to Strategic Alliance

ByCarol MacAdam, Dana Walker, D. Ellen Bonner, Merrill Smith, Sharon Sullivan, Anne Mitchell

chapter |7 pages

Success in Searching for Serials: What Is the MAGIC Solution?

ByMary Jo Zeter, Allen Thunell, Jean Maguire

chapter |5 pages

E-Journals and Citation Patterns: Is It All Worth It?

ByKimberly Parker, Kathleen Bauer, Paula Sullenger

chapter |8 pages

Cataloging Serials Reproductions: Annoying Applications–Reprint Serials

ByKeiko Okuhara, Kevin M. Randall

chapter |7 pages

Cataloging for Consortium Catalogs

ByPaul Moeller, Wendy Baia, Jennifer O’Connell

chapter |6 pages

What to Do When Disaster Strikes: The California State University, Northridge, Experience

BySusan E. Parker, Don Jaeger, Kristen Kern

chapter |6 pages

Transforming AACR2: Using the Revised Rules in Chapters 9 and 12 Part 1

ByJean Hirons, Leslie Hawkins, Bridget Clark

chapter |5 pages

Transforming AACR2: Using the Revised Rules in Chapters 9 and 12 Part 2

ByJean Hirons, Leslie Hawkins, Suzanne Thomas

chapter |6 pages

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Give Up Journal Check-In

ByRick Anderson, Steven D. Zink, Susan Davis

chapter |4 pages

Use Studies: Tools for Understanding Changing Patterns of Serials Use

ByPhilenese Slaughter, Elna L. Saxton

chapter |8 pages

Print Journals: Off Site? Out of Site? Out of Mind?

ByAmy K. Weiss, John P. Abbott, Joseph C. Harmon

chapter |6 pages

Don’t Tread on Me: The Art of Supervising Student Assistants

ByJeff Slagell, Jeanne M. Langendorfer

chapter |5 pages

Web-Based Tracking Systems for Electronic Resources Management

ByRobert Alan, Lai-Ying Hsiung, Sharon McCaslin

chapter |3 pages

A Is for Acronym: Library and Internet Standards for Serialists

ByShelley Neville, Howard Rosenbaum, Sarah E. George

chapter |7 pages

Does a Core Exist? Electronic Journals Available in Selected Fields

ByEllen Safley, Carolyn Henebry, Elizabeth Parang

chapter |6 pages

We Have Met the Enemy, and, Sometimes, He Is Us!

ByNancy Chaffin, Kate Manuel

chapter |7 pages

Electronic Journals and Aggregated Databases: New Roles for Public Service Librarians

ByJeanie M. Welch, Melissa Holmberg, Pamela Cipkowski

chapter |5 pages

The Battle of the Dumpster and Other Stories: Processing the Censorship

ByStephanie Schmitt, Lee Krieger