Discover how librarians around the world are responding to the new demands of a fast-changing profession!More computers and fewer staff, more types of resources to catalog and less time in which to study them--these are the problems librarians are facing at the dawn of a new millennium. Managing Cataloging and the Organization of Information offers solutions from cataloging and technical services managers around the world. Contributions from Australia, Botswana, Latin America, Canada, and the United States guarantee a truly international perspective.Managing Cataloging and the Organization of Information describes new and effective ways to coordinate all aspects of automation, staffing, organization, teamwork, and work flow. These techniques have been tested in libraries ranging from small college libraries to the ancient and revered Bodleian Library and the vast Library of Congress. National libraries, academic libraries, and specialized medical and law libraries are also represented.In Managing Cataloging and the Organization of Information, catalogers and technical services managers will find useful suggestions in a number of areas, including:

  • total quality management
  • flexible strategies for cataloging local and remote resources
  • cataloging operations, trends, and perspectives
  • putting cataloging philosophy into practice
  • staff assignments and workflow distribution
  • building team spirit

    Managing Cataloging and the Organization of Information is an invaluable resource for library administrators, catalogers, library educators, technical services managers, and information scientists.

part |32 pages

National Libraries

part |104 pages

Libraries around the World

chapter |16 pages

Defying Conventional Wisdom: Innovation and Culture Change from Down Under

ByJilleen Chambers, Jennifer Martin, Beverley Reynolds

chapter |14 pages

Classification Systems Used in Latin American Libraries

ByFiliberto Felipe Martinez Arellano, Orlanda Angelica Yañez Garrido

part |171 pages

Academic Libraries

chapter |9 pages

Exploding Out of the MARC Box: Building New Roles for Cataloging Departments

ByJudith Ahronheim, Lynn Marko

chapter |13 pages

Cataloging at the University of Massachusetts Amherst Library

ByPatricia Banach, Melvin Carlson

chapter |18 pages

Flexibility in the Management of Cataloging

ByClaire-Lise Bénaud, Elizabeth N. Steinhagen, Sharon A. Moynahan

chapter |16 pages

Cataloging in Three Academic Libraries: Operations, Trends, and Perspectives

ByKuang-Hwei (Janet) Lee-Smeltzer

chapter |16 pages

The End of an Era Builds New Team Spirit: Team Playing at Its Best

ByAndrea L. Stamm

chapter |13 pages

Cataloging at Yale University in 2000: Challenges and Strategies

ByJoan Swanekamp