From same-sex marriages to hate-crime laws, gay, lesbian and bisexual people have fought an uphill battle to gain equal rights. Now a comprehensive new reference collects in one volume the strategies, hard data, and legal arguments that are central to the fight for equality in lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) life.
Up-to-date and readable, Everyday Activism is the one essential book that provides the basic facts on the key questions faced by LGB citizens.

chapter |16 pages


getting involved
ByMichael R. Stevenson, Jeanine C. Cogan

part I|62 pages

gearing up to make a difference

chapter 1|20 pages

influencing public policy 1

ByJeanine C. Cogan

chapter 2|17 pages

answering basic questions

ByMichael R. Stevenson

chapter 3|22 pages

defending claims about mental health

ByJessica F. Morris, Stacey Hart

part II|90 pages

ending discrimination

chapter 4|23 pages

combating hate crimes

ByJeanine C. Cogan

chapter 5|18 pages

ending employment discrimination

ByDavid C. Sobelsohn

chapter 6|22 pages

obtaining and maintaining housing

ByChristopher J. Portelli

chapter 7|24 pages

ending discrimination in the U.S. military

ByClinton W. Anderson, C. Dixon Osburn

part III|76 pages

creating equality

chapter 8|22 pages

honoring and protecting relationships

ByRobin A. Buhrke

chapter 9|17 pages

recognizing and legitimizing families

ByBeverly R. King

chapter 10|18 pages

debunking myths about child abuse 1

ByMichael R. Stevenson

chapter 11|16 pages

making schools safe

ByKaren M. Anderson, Michael R. Stevenson