Ireland underwent a dramatic economic and social transformation from the 1990s onwards, earning it the title the "Celtic Tiger". Rapid economic growth was accompanied by substantial in-migration. However in the later 2000s Ireland is also experiencing a severe economic recession.

This book examines the nature and geographies of the Celtic Tiger, focusing on the evolution of industries such as information and communication technology and pharamaceuticals. It also examines the changing nature of social ties in cities, trends amongst knowledge workers and the experiences of return migrants. It concludes with reflections on the nature of the Celtic Tiger phenomenon and how this will shape Ireland’s geography and society into the future.

This book was published as a special issue of Irish Geography.

chapter |5 pages


ByPeadar Kirby, Pádraig Carmody

chapter |16 pages

The spatiality of Irish manufacturing linkages in the ‘Celtic Tiger' era

ByNicola Brennan, Proinnsias Breathnach

chapter |22 pages

The Irish pharmaceutical industry over the boom period and beyond

ByChris van Egeraat, Frank Barry

chapter |23 pages

The contribution of the overseas ICT sector to expanding R&D investment in Ireland

BySeamus Grimes, Patrick Collins

chapter |25 pages

Embeddedness and innovation in low and medium technology rural enterprises

ByKevin P. Heanue, David Jacobson

chapter |16 pages

Conclusion: Moving beyond the Legacies of the Celtic Tiger

ByPeadar Kirby, Pádraig Carmody