Add to your knowledge of Latino/Hispanic diversity, attitudes, behaviors, and experiences to provide more effective services!Latino-Hispanic Liaisons and Visions for Human Behavior in the Social Environment dispels pervasive historical and contemporary misconceptions and inaccuracies and highlights the diversity of Latino/Hispanic experiences to help you provide more effective services to those clients. As editors Torres and Rivera point out, “Literature on Latinos/Hispanics reflects a dysfunctional and myopic cultural view in which they are often depicted in stereotypic characteristics and as a homogenous population.”In Latino-Hispanic Liaisons and Visions for Human Behavior in the Social Environment, you’ll find chapters examining:

  • the social ecology of Mexican-American child development
  • caregiver well-being among Cuban and Puerto Rican mothers of mentally retarded adults
  • the adjustment process among Cuban refugee families
  • one Southwestern community’s efforts to create a multiethnic neighborhood coalition against substance abuse
  • a study of changes related to migration, family, and work in Caribbean women’s lives
  • and much more!

chapter |7 pages


ByJosé B. Torres, Felix G. Rivera

chapter |25 pages

Well-Being and Family Role Strains Among Cuban American and Puerto Rican Mothers of Adults with Mental Retardation

BySandra Magaña, Marsha Mailick Seltzer, Marty Wyngaarden Krauss, Mark Rubert, José Szapocznik

chapter |25 pages

Latinos Participating in Multiethnic Coalitions to Prevent Substance Abuse: A Case Study

ByFlavio Francisco Marsiglia, John Michael Daley

chapter |19 pages

Latino Immigrants: Patterns of Survival

ByMaria E. Zuniga

chapter |14 pages

Another Kind of Rainbow Politics

ByMaria Vidal de Haymes, Keith M. Kilty, Stephen N. Haymes

chapter |2 pages


ByFelix G. Rivera