On the sixtieth anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, feminists are at a critical juncture to re-envision and re-engage in a politics of human rights. Interdisciplinary feminist conversations among scholar-activists can both challenge and enrich new directions in feminism and human rights. The scholarly and activist writings that comprise this collection advance both research and critical conversations about feminism and human rights by revealing the transformative potential of a feminist human rights praxis that embraces both critique and collective justice. The editors' method has been to move beyond a wholesale dismissal of human rights so that the book may begin new dialogues that envision transnational, gender and antiracist social justice approaches.

This book features work that engages academic critiques of human rights frameworks yet goes further by exploring the potential of human rights activism ‘from below’. These groundbreaking chapters and conversations provide evidence of the persistent challenges and the attendant possibilities inherent in feminist human rights activism and theorizing – they offer this book, underscoring the creative displays of grassroots resistance by women globally and affirming transnational feminist solidarity.

This book was published as a special issue of the International Feminist Journal of Politics.

chapter |5 pages

Foreword: Looking Back, Moving Forward

Human Rights at a Crossroads?

chapter |22 pages

Finding Each Other’s Hearts

Intercultural Relations and the Drive to Prosecute Sexual Violence During the Internal Armed Conflict in Perú

chapter |20 pages

Between the Human, the Citizen and the Tribal

Reading Feminist Politics in India’s Northeast

chapter |20 pages

Claiming Health and Culture as Human Rights

Yakama Feminism in Daily Practice

chapter |20 pages

The Cultural Politics of Lesbian Asylum

Angelina Maccarone’s Unveiled (2005) and the Case of the Lesbian Asylum-Seeker

chapter |20 pages

From Developmentalism to the HIV/AIDS Crisis

The Amplification of Women’s Rights in Lesotho

part |35 pages


chapter |8 pages

A Feminist World is Possible

Artists and Activists Speak About Human Rights

chapter |5 pages

Grassroots Voices, Global Issues

An Interview with Democracy Nowi’s Amy Goodman

chapter |3 pages

Filipinas, Gender and Human Rights Violence

A Report from the Field

chapter |6 pages

We Have an Obligation to Speak About Human Rights

An interview with Informativo Pacifica’s Norma Martínez

chapter |5 pages

‘Nosotros Tenemos la Obligación Hablar de los Derechos Humanos’

Una Entrevista Con Norma Martínez de Informativo Pacifica

chapter |6 pages

Human Rights Should Encompass Everything

An Interview with Uprising’s Sonali Kolhatkar