This book is the first of its kind to focus specifically on children’s attachment to fathers, and explores the connections among fathering, family dynamics, and attachment relationships. It includes theoretical, methodological and research reports written by an interdisciplinary group of researchers from around the globe. The purpose of this book is to familiarize the reader with the conceptualization, measurement and provisions of the attachment bond between children and their fathers, from infancy through young adulthood and across diverse individual, family, community, and cultural systems. Recent empirical findings suggest that new methods of measuring child-father attachment are warranted, and that attachment to fathers may be unique from, but complementary to attachment to mothers. These findings also suggest that attachment to fathers uniquely predicts children’s healthy developmental outcomes, and these findings are robust across various contexts, but these predictive relationships are best understood within context.

This book provides a summary of current scholarly knowledge of fathering and attachment, and describes future directions to be explored by professionals, policy makers and practitioners within family services, education, and social work settings. It is also of interest to the general public.

This book was published as a special issue of Early Child Development and Care.

chapter |8 pages


New directions in father attachment
ByLisa A. Newland, Harry S. Freeman, Diana D. Coyl

chapter |15 pages

Fathers in attachment theory and research: a review

ByInge Bretherton

chapter |8 pages


Fathers' role as attachment figures: an interview with Sir Richard Bowlby
ByLisa A. Newland, Diana D. Coyl

chapter |15 pages

Q methodology to assess child—father attachment

ByAesha John, Amy L. Halliburton

chapter |13 pages

Positive Aspects of Fathering and Mothering, and Children's Attachment in Kindergarten

ByMelissa R.W. George, Edward Mark Cummings, Patrick T. Davies

chapter |17 pages

Observed and reported supportive coparenting as predictors of infant—mother and infant—father attachment security

ByGeoffrey L. Brown, Sarah J. Schoppe-Sullivan, Sarah C. Mangelsdorf, Cynthia Neff

chapter |15 pages

Paternal attachment, parenting beliefs and children's attachment

ByKimberly S. Howard

chapter |19 pages

Fathering and attachment in the USA and Taiwan: contextual predictors and child outcomes

ByLisa A. Newland, Diana D. Coyl, Hui-Hua Chen

chapter |14 pages

Nurturing fathers: a qualitative examination of child—father attachment

ByTodd L. Goodsell, Jaren T. Meldrum