This publication does not just mark the presence of black people in Europe, but brings research to a new stage by making connections across Europe through the experience of work and labour. The working experience for black peoples in Europe was not just confined to ports and large urban areas – often the place black people are located in the imagination of the European map both today and historically. Work took place in small towns, villages and on country estates. Until the 1800s enslaved Africans would have worked alongside free blacks and their white peers. How were these labour relations realised be it on a country estate or a town house? How did this experience translate into the labour movements of the twentieth century? These are some of the questions the essays in this collection address, contributing to new understandings of European life both historically and today.

This book was originally published as a special issue of Immigrants and Minorities.

chapter |8 pages


Belonging in Europe
ByCaroline Bressey, Hakim Adi

chapter |10 pages

Pictured at Work: Employment in Art (1800–1900)

ByJan Marsh

chapter |19 pages

Looking for Work: The Black Presence in Britain 1860–1920

ByCaroline Bressey

chapter |20 pages

John Archer and the Politics of Labour in Battersea (1906–32)

BySean Creighton