Explore the theoretical, political, psychological, and cultural issues surrounding male bisexuality!Bisexuality in the Lives of Men is the first anthology to focus on men who love both men and women. The theoretical, scientific, and literary essays in this landmark volume dispel the fictions that bisexual men are greedy, promiscuous, confused, deceptive, unfaithful, HIV-positive--the dominant images of bisexual men in our culture. Whether portrayed as a coward who can't quite come out into full gayness or a smooth-talking serial killer, the bisexual man has been vilified in books and movies. In scholarly studies, they are often ignored or else lumped together with gay men. It is now widely acknowledged that human sexuality is more complex and diverse than the narrow categories “gay” and “straight.” But, while the use of the term “bisexual” has become much more common in the last decade, an understanding of bisexuality itself lags far behind. A lack of research on how bisexuality is experienced, interpreted, and encoded in literature, film, and other aspects of popular culture means that stereotypes, stigma, and confusion are still prevalent. Bisexuality in the Lives of Men is a multidisciplinary examination of this neglected topic, bringing together expertise reflecting divergent approaches and fields to show the whole bisexual man. Topics include:

  • a thoughtful review and analysis of the public health research on the role of bisexual men in HIV transmission
  • a study of the marital consequences of a husband's bisexuality, including couples who have stayed together
  • an analysis of the heartfelt discussions taking place in an online bi-male community
  • an empirical study of the ways that bi-negativity differs from homophobia
  • an essay bringing together queer theory and social constructionist ideas to explain why bisexual men are much less visible than bisexual women
The rigorously analytical yet accessible essays in this volume offer new information and perspectives about male bisexuality. Bisexuality in the Lives of Men is an essential resource for anyone interested in the theoretical, political, and cultural issues of male bisexuality.

chapter |14 pages


ByErich Steinman, Brett Beemyn

chapter |31 pages

Interpreting the Invisibility of Male Bisexuality

Theories, Interactions, Politics
ByErich Steinman

chapter |62 pages

Make Me a Map

Bisexual Men's Images of Bisexual Community
ByPaula C. Rust

chapter |28 pages

Male Bisexuality and HIV Risk

ByMeaghan Kennedy, Lynda S. Doll

chapter |18 pages


The Stigma Facing Bisexual Men
ByMickey Eliason

chapter |35 pages

Writing Our Own Script

How Bisexual Men and Their Heterosexual Wives Maintain Their Marriages After Disclosure
ByAmity Pierce Buxton

chapter |19 pages

The Married Man On-Line

ByLarry W. Peterson