Sport heritage is increasingly being recognised as a potent instigator of tourism; be it touring a historic stadium, visiting a sports hall of fame, or participating in a sport fantasy camp, tourists now have a vast array of locations and options to experience the sporting past. This book provides the first comprehensive resource on sport heritage as a tourist attraction. Using theoretical and applied studies from researchers in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Canada, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, this book finds that the sporting past is a key component in tourism’s future.

The convergence of heritage, sport and tourism involves many different and diverse fields, including sport tourism, heritage tourism, sport management, and sports geography. This book will serve the needs of students, researchers, industry practitioners in these fields, as well as those interested in sport heritage as a tourist attraction.

This book was first published as a special issue of the Journal of Sport Tourism.

chapter |8 pages


Sport, heritage and the English. An opportunity missed?

chapter |19 pages

Heritage, sport tourism and Canadian junior hockey

Nostalgia for social experience or sport place?

chapter |21 pages

Expanding the conceptualization of nostalgia sport tourism

Lessons learned from fans left behind after sport franchise relocation

chapter |11 pages

The sustainability of sports heritage attractions

Lessons from the Australian Football League Hall of Fame

chapter |15 pages

Olympic opportunity

Realizing the value of sports heritage for tourism in the UK

chapter |19 pages

The spectacle of the past

Leveraging history in Fenway Park and Camden Yards

chapter |17 pages

Sport, nostalgia and tourism planning

The case of the 2005 British and Irish Lions tour of New Zealand

chapter |8 pages


The future of the sporting past