According to a recent study by the ILO (2001), women’s share of the labour force is increasing worldwide. Today, women’s participation rate in the labour force is over 40 per cent of the global workforce.

Higher educational levels and falling fertility rates have contributed to this increased participation. There is also some evidence that women in some Asian countries may be less marginalised in their advancement into top managerial positions than their counterparts elsewhere.

As women become more educated and qualified for managerial positions, the number of Asian women managers and executives is predicted to rise over the next decade. This book examines the opportunities and barriers for women managers in Asia and presents an update on their progress in management.

This book was previously published as a special issue of the Asian Pacific Business Review.

chapter |10 pages

Women in Asian Management: Cracking the Glass Ceiling?

ByVimolwan Yukongdi, John Benson

chapter |14 pages

Women's Managerial Careers in China in a Period of Reform

ByFang Lee Cooke

chapter |16 pages

Women Managers in Hong Kong: Personal and Political Agendas

ByCatherine W. Ng, Ann-Sofie Chakrabarty

chapter |15 pages

Women in Management in the New Economic Environment: The Case of India

ByPawan S. Budhwar, Debi S. Saini, Jyotsna Bhatnagar

chapter |19 pages

Women in Management in South Korea: Advancement or Retrenchment?

ByHye-Ryun Kang, Chris Rowley

chapter |16 pages

Female Managers in Taiwan: Opportunities and Barriers in Changing Times

ByWen-Chi Grace Chou, Patricia Fosh, Deborah Foster

chapter |15 pages

Women in Management in Thailand: Advancement and Prospects

ByVimolwan Yukongdi

chapter |9 pages

Asian Women Managers: Participation, Barriers and Future Prospects

ByJohn Benson, Vimolwan Yukongdi