This edited collection delves into the horrors of November 1938 and to what degree they portended the Holocaust, demonstrating the varied reactions of Western audiences to news about the pogrom against the Jews. A pattern of stubborn governmental refusal to help German Jews to any large degree emerges throughout the book. Much of this was in response to uncertain domestic economic conditions and underlying racist attitudes towards Jews. Contrasting this was the outrage expressed by ordinary people around the world who condemned the German violence and challenged the policy of Appeasement being advanced by Great Britain and France towards Adolf Hitler’s Nazi German government at the time. Contributors employ multiple media sources to make their arguments, and compare these with official government records. For the first time, a collection on Kristallnacht has taken a truly transnational approach, giving readers a fuller understanding of how the events of November 1938 were understood around the Western world.

chapter |15 pages


Violence, Memory, and History
ByColin McCullough, Nathan Wilson

chapter 1|18 pages

Antisemitism and Racism in Britain

Assessing the Reaction to and the Legacy of Kristallnacht
ByJodi Burkett

chapter 2|20 pages

“One Country Alone Says Nothing”

French Press Reactions to “La Nuit de Cristal”
ByPaul Moore

chapter 3|19 pages

“An Accident in the Way of the Franco-German Policy of Appeasement”

Kristallnacht in France, 1938 1
ByEmmanuel Debono

chapter 4|17 pages

Between “Just Punishment” and “Unthinkable Fascist Crimes”

Reactions to Kristallnacht in Civil War Spain
ByAlejandro Baer

chapter 5|18 pages

Uneven Perceptions

Kristallnacht in the Yiddish- and French-Language Press of Montréal
ByPierre Anctil

chapter 6|22 pages

Hitler's Assault on Civilization

Antisemitism and English Canada's Response to Kristallnacht
ByNorman Erwin

chapter 7|21 pages

“No Repercussions Down Under”?

Australian Responses to Kristallnacht
ByKim Richard Nossal

chapter 8|12 pages

The Historiography of the Kristallnacht

ByAlan E. Steinweis