In this pioneering new book, Sandra Harding and Robert Figueroa bring together an important collection of original essays by leading philosophers exploring an extensive range of diversity issues for the philosophy of science and technology. The essays gathered in this volume extend current philosophical discussion of science and technology beyond the standard feminist and gender analyses that have flourished over the past two decades, by bringing a thorough and truly diverse set of cultural, racial, and ethical concerns to bear on questioning in these areas. Science and Other Cultures charts important new directions in ongoing discussions of science and technology, and makes a significant contribution to both scholarly and teaching resources available in the field.

chapter |11 pages


part I|113 pages

Sciences in Cultures, Cultures in Sciences

chapter 1|11 pages

AIDS, Crisis, and Activist Science

chapter 2|23 pages

Why Standpoint Matters

chapter 3|21 pages

A World of Sciences

chapter 4|21 pages

To Walk in Balance

An Encounter between Contemporary Western Science and Conquest-era Nahua Philosophy

chapter 5|15 pages

Seeds and their Sociocultural Nexus

chapter 6|20 pages


Issues in the Study, Treatment, and Reparations of Exposed Marshall Islanders

part II|107 pages

Classifying People: Science and Technology at Our Service

chapter 7|25 pages

Essentially Empirical

The Roles of Biological and Legal Classification in Effectively Prohibiting Genetic Discrimination

chapter 9|17 pages

Conformity through Cosmetic Surgery

The Medical Erasure of Race and Disability

chapter 10|12 pages

The Wisconsin Card Sort

An Empirical and Philosophical Analysis of Presuppositions Regarding Flexibility of Cognition

chapter 11|20 pages

Geography and Ideas of Race

chapter 12|13 pages

Queer Nature, Circular Science

part III|30 pages

Tradition and Modernity: Issues in Philosophies of Technological Change