The education system is faced with many demands of justice. What these demands imply and how they are justified is, however, disputed. In this book, international contributors present cutting edge research to discuss the relationship between educational justice and the value of education.

By combining reflections on educational justice with reflections on the human good and the aims of education, the book reveals that it is not enough to assess certain patterns of distribution; the value of what is to be distributed must also be clarified. In this respect, deliberations about the value of education have to play an integral part in giving an account of educational justice.

Questions addressed in the volume include:

- In what sense should justice, fairness and equality be realised in the education system?
- How is educational equality related to equality of opportunity?
- Is the main concern that everyone should be educated equally well – or just well enough?

Education, Justice and the Human Good discusses the positional value of education and its relation to educational justice, emphasising that education is valuable not only for competitive reasons, but in its contribution to human flourishing. The book will appeal to those from the field of the philosophy of education as well as applied political philosophy, from undergraduates to professional academics.

chapter |13 pages


ByKirsten Meyer

chapter Chapter 1|20 pages

The place of educational equality in educational justice1

ByHarry Brighouse, Adam Swift

chapter Chapter 2|17 pages

Unequal chances

Race, class and schooling1
ByDebra Satz

chapter Chapter 3|14 pages

Non-comparative justice in education

ByThomas Schramme

chapter Chapter 4|15 pages

Educational justice and the justification of education

ByJohannes Giesinger

chapter Chapter 6|13 pages

What does equality in education mean?

ByStefan Gosepath

chapter Chapter 7|20 pages

Fair equality of opportunity and educational justice

ByConstantin Stroop

chapter Chapter 8|18 pages

Educational justice and talent advancement

ByKirsten Meyer