The Routledge Companion to Marketing History is the first collection of readings that surveys the broader field of marketing history, including the key activities and practices in the marketing process.

With contributors from leading international scholars working in marketing history, this companion provides nine country-specific histories of marketing practice as well as a broad analysis of the field, including: the histories of advertising, retailing, channels of distribution, product design and branding, pricing strategies, and consumption behavior. While other collections have provided an overview of the history of marketing thought, this is the first of its kind to do so from the perspective of companies, industries, and even whole economies.

The Routledge Companion to Marketing History ranges across many countries and industries, engaging in substantive detail with marketing practices as they were performed in a variety of historical periods extending back to ancient times. It is not to be missed by any historian or student of business.

chapter 2|18 pages

Ancient and medieval marketing

chapter 4|23 pages

In search of the consumer

The history of market research from 1890 to 1960

chapter 5|11 pages

Segmentation in practice

An historical overview of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries

chapter 7|15 pages

History of packaging

chapter 8|24 pages

Distributive orders

The evolution of North American retailing

chapter 9|18 pages

The study of British retail history

Progress and agenda 1

chapter 13|16 pages

In search of macromarketing history

Eighteenth-century England as a case in point

chapter 16|18 pages

More than froth and bubble

Marketing in Australia, 1788–1969

chapter 17|17 pages

Marketing history in Britain

From the ancient to internet eras

chapter 20|18 pages

Towards marketing management

German marketing in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries

chapter 22|12 pages

Marketing history in Japan

Changes in channel leadership