The author and contributors of this book seek to present alternatives to the mainstream discussions of gentrification. It does not present a single coherent vision of the causes, effects and experiences of gentrification, but a number of different views that do not always coincide. What the authors have in common is the attempt to escape a naive empiricism which has dominated much mainstream research, as well as the conviction that questions of social class lie at the heart of this issue. This book was first published in 1986.

chapter 1|12 pages

Alternatives to orthodoxy: invitation to a debate

ByNeil Smith, Peter Williams

part 1|188 pages

Contributed Essays

chapter 3|21 pages

The chaos and complexity of gentrification

ByRobert A. Beauregard

chapter 9|23 pages

The anatomy of displacement in the United States

ByRichard T. LeGates, Chester Hartman

part 2|23 pages


chapter 10|21 pages

From “renaissance” to restructuring: the dynamics of contemporary urban development

ByPeter Williams, Neil Smith