This volume presents a leading contribution to the substantive arena relating to homicide in the criminal law. In broad terms, the ambit of homicide standardisations in extant law is contestable and opaque. This book provides a logical template to focus the debate. The overall concept addresses three specific elements within this arena, embracing an overarching synergy between them. This edifice engages in an examination of UK provisions, and in contrasting these provisions against alternative domestic jurisdictions as well as comparative contributions addressing a particularised research grid for content. The comparative chapters provide a wider background of how other legal systems treat a variety of specialised issues relating to homicide in the context of the criminal law.

The debate in relation to homicide continues apace for academics, practitioners and within the criminal justice system. Having expert descriptions of the wider issues surrounding the particular discussion and of other legal systems’ approaches serves to stimulate and inform that debate. This collection will be a major source of reference for future discussion.

chapter |4 pages


Edited ByAlan Reed, Michael Bohlander, Nicola Wake, Emma Engleby, Verity Adams

part |2 pages

Part 1

chapter 1|14 pages

The mandatory sentence and the case for second degree murder

ByJeremy Horder

chapter 2|16 pages

Killings short of murder

Examining culpable homicide in Scots law
ByClaire McDiarmid

chapter 3|25 pages

Reforming English homicide law

Fair labelling questions and comparative answers
ByMatthew Gibson, Alan Reed

chapter 4|20 pages

The current state of murder in English law

A critique, wrong turns and all
ByJ.J. Child, G.R. Sullivan

chapter 5|20 pages

‘Loss of self-control’

The cultural lag of sexual infidelity and the transformative promise of the fear defence
BySusan S.M. Edwards

chapter 6|17 pages

Diminished responsibility

A limited partial defence to murder
ByRudi Fortson QC

chapter 7|17 pages

Causing death

BySally Kyd

chapter 8|17 pages

The termination of pregnancy and the criminal law

ByJonathan Herring

chapter 9|21 pages

Homicide and the vulnerable subject of criminal law

ByClaire de Than, Jesse Elvin

chapter 10|19 pages

Recording murder: videos depicting homicide and the law

ByAlisdair A. Gillespie

part |2 pages

Part 2

chapter 11|21 pages

South Africa

ByGerhard Kemp

chapter 12|29 pages

United States of America

ByVera Bergelson

chapter 13|19 pages


ByKai Ambos, Stefanie Bock

chapter 14|20 pages

New Zealand

ByJulia Tolmie

chapter 15|16 pages

The Netherlands

ByErik Gritter

chapter 16|22 pages


ByMurat Önok

chapter 17|25 pages

Islamic law

ByMohammad Hedayati-Kakhki

chapter 18|14 pages


ByMagnus Ulväng