Non-profit organizations (NPOs) across the world are facing criticism alongside approbation. In order for NPOs to effectively support their causes, they require public trust. The editors of this book have persuaded PR experts from the UK and around the world, from a variety of PR specialisms operating across different organizational forms, to share their knowledge and experience. These contributions are scaffolded with authoritative academic and practical advice, as well as solutions.

The book starts with foundations that underpin communications for causes. These include arguments that support the importance of non-profits in civil society; lessons in corporate governance; and a new approach to issues management. PR planning subjects tailored, or specific, to the sector include: strategic global communications planning, agile digital communications; branding internal communications and the securing of meaningful outcomes. Corporate partnerships are examined with a new ‘Fit to Partner Test’ and consideration of the mandated corporate social responsibility (CSR) in India, corporate volunteering in Brazil, and CSR in South Africa. Relations between governments and non-profits are also considered, both generally and with a particular focus on China.

Communicating Causes looks at effective strategy and practice of PR in the modern non-profit. Including forewords by both John Grounds and Jon Snow, the expert perspectives offered in this book provide valuable support to current and future communicators.

part I|45 pages

Civil society, governance and issues

chapter 1|16 pages

Non-profit PR as the voice of civil society?

ByBrian Lamb

chapter 2|14 pages

Governance in the Non-Profit sector

The role of trustees in reputation management
ByElizabeth Chamberlain, Stuart Etherington

chapter 3|14 pages

Non-profit issues management

A new approach to resist the label of ‘risk’
ByMichaela O’Brien

part II|86 pages

Communicating to build trust

chapter 4|15 pages

Beyond clicks for causes

57Enabling agile digital communications
ByAnn Longley, Tove Nordström

chapter 5|14 pages

The emergence and growth of strategic partnerships between NGOs and corporates

Balancing risks and leveraging communications
ByKevin Read, Caroline Diehl

chapter 6|14 pages

Non-profit branding through marketing and PR

ByIan Bruce, Colin Byrne, Hannah Myers

chapter 7|14 pages

Strategic illustrations of non-profit success?

An exploration into the evolution, purposes and ethics of case studies
ByNicky Garsten, Kevin Read, Mazia Yassim

chapter 8|15 pages

Internal communication in NGOs

Planning an essential element of PR
ByLiam FitzPatrick

chapter 9|13 pages

Making a difference in the world – and proving it

PR measurement in the non-profit sector
ByOrla Graham

part III|42 pages

PR in the broader non-profit sector

chapter 10|16 pages

PR for housing associations

143The communications challenges of profit for purpose
ByPatrick Law

chapter 11|13 pages

Trade union PR

The working voice
ByNigel Stanley

chapter 12|12 pages

Social enterprise PR

Doing business whilst doing good
ByTove Nordström

part IV|71 pages

Around the world

chapter 13|16 pages

INGO communications

185Global strategic planning
ByJoe Barrell

chapter 14|15 pages

Non-profit PR in India

ByPrema Sagar, Rama Iyer, Nupur Chaturvedi

chapter 15|14 pages

NGO communications in a one-party state

The context and characteristics of non-profit advocacy communications in China
ByDavid Horton Smith, Sean Lang, Nicky Garsten

chapter 16|12 pages

Public relations in the South African non-profit sector

Partnerships for social change
ByDalien Rene Benecke, Lida Holtzhausen

chapter 17|13 pages

The rise of volunteering in Brazil

New perspectives, partnerships and paradigms
ByPaulo Nassar, Gustavo Carbonaro, Natália Tamura