Featuring high-level analysis of Islamic law, this book examines fintech in Islamic finance from both theoretical and empirical perspectives. Whilst building on existing approaches, it also discusses the current application of fintech in promoting financial inclusion through innovative solutions in Muslim-majority countries, identifying future directions for policy-makers.

With original chapters written by prominent academics, senior lawyers and practitioners in the global Islamic finance industry, this book serves as the first standalone pioneering reference work on fintech in Islamic finance. It also, for the first time, examines the position of Islamic law on cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin. Besides the conceptual analysis of the Sharīʿah and legal aspects of fintech in Islamic finance, this book provides relevant case studies showing current and potential developments in the application of fintech in various sectors ranging from crowdfunding and smart contracts, to Online Dispute Resolution, Investment Account Platform and identity verification in the KYC process.

Setting the agenda for researchers in the field, Fintech in Islamic Finance will be useful to students and scholars of Islamic finance and financial technology.

part |2 pages


part |2 pages

Fintech and financial intermediation

chapter |12 pages


The opportunity for Islamic finance

chapter |15 pages

Fintech in Islamic finance

From collaborative finance to community-based finance

part |2 pages

Setting the Sharī‘ah parameters

chapter |7 pages

Fintech and Islamic finance

Setting the Sharī‘ah parameters

chapter |11 pages

Currency in Islamic Law

A Sharī‘ah analysis of bitcoin

chapter |24 pages

Crowdfunding in Islamic Finance

Ensuring proper Sharī‘ah oversight

part |2 pages

Legal and regulatory issues

part |2 pages

Case studies: From concept to application

chapter |14 pages

The emergence of Islamic crowdfunding platforms

A case study of Ethis Ventures

chapter |16 pages

The investment account platform

A practical application of fintech in Malaysia

chapter |14 pages

Integrating waqf crowdfunding into the blockchain

A modern approach for creating a waqf market

chapter |21 pages


A future beyond digital identity

chapter |19 pages

Banking on ICT

The relevance of online dispute resolution in the Islamic banking industry in Malaysia