This book analyses community-based approaches to developing and regenerating tourism destinations in the developing world, addressing this central issue in sustainable tourism practices.

It reviews a variety of systems useful for analysing and understanding management issues to offer new insight into the skills and resources that are needed for implementation, ongoing monitoring and review of community-based tourism. Adopting a multidisciplinary approach, this book explores alternatives to the dominant interpretation which argues against tourism as a benefit for community development. International case studies throughout the book illustrate and vouch for tourism as a transformative force while clarifying the need to manage expectations in sustainable tourism for community development, rejuvenation and regeneration. Emphasis is placed on accruing relevant decision-support material, and creating services, products and management approaches that will endure and adapt as change necessitates.

This will be of great interest to upper-level students, researchers and academics in the fields of tourism impacts, sustainability, ethics and development as well as the broader field of geography.

chapter 1|9 pages

Principles and practices

Case studies in innovation
ByPeter Wiltshier, Alan Clarke

chapter 2|17 pages

A benchmarked step by step community-based tourism (CBT) toolkit for developing countries

ByVikneswaran Nair, Amran Hamzah

chapter 3|10 pages

Systems approach to community-based tourism

ByTadeja Jere Jakulin

chapter 4|17 pages

A responsible CBT approach

ByLelokwane Lockie Mokgalo, Gwinyai Mercy Musikavanhu (Manhotoma)

chapter 5|13 pages

Community-based festivals in the context of community-based tourism

ByAllan Jepson, Alan Clarke

chapter 6|14 pages

Rethinking tourism in Belarus

The opening of a rural economy
BySusan L. Slocum, Valeria Klitsounova

chapter 7|17 pages

The importance of information and communication technology for dissemination, commercialization and local protagonism in community-based tourism initiatives

A case study of CBT in Castelhanos, Ilhabela, Brazil
ByDaniella S. Marcondes

chapter 8|15 pages

Community-based tourism

Planning processes and outcomes in the developing world
ByAdenike Adebayo, Peter Robinson, Ade Oriade

chapter 9|12 pages

‘Meet the locals’

Community tourism – an approach to combat over-tourism in Malta and Gozo
ByAndrew Jones, Julian Zarb

chapter 10|16 pages

Reviewing the background to success in communities developing tourism

An evaluation through participant observations
ByPeter Wiltshier

chapter 11|11 pages

The path

From agricultural country to popular travel destination
ByAkmal Rakhmanov, Nutfillo Ibragimov

chapter 12|14 pages

Community-based tourism

The Romeiros Way in São Miguel Island in Azores/Portugal
ByVitor Ambrósio

chapter 13|10 pages

Community-based tourism – the kiwi variation

ByPeter Wiltshier

chapter 14|18 pages

Community-based tourism engagement and wellbeing from a learning perspective

ByGiovanna Bertella, Sabrina Tomasi, Alessio Cavicchi, Gigliola Paviotti

chapter 15|21 pages

Systems, stakeholders, storytelling

Tourism development and conservation in the peak district and the Balaton Highlands national parks
ByPeter Wiltshier, Alan Clarke