Embedding Culture and Quality for High Performing Organizations (978-1-138-48338-5, K349105)

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The aim of this book is to bridge two different core disciplines: quality management and cross-cultural management, based on how multinational corporations work, and how culture determines individual practices and values. Understanding these previously separate fields is essential to keeping multinational cultures innovative and sustainable. The authors’ research blends corporate and cultural perspectives to promote quality management practices that build organizational excellence. Whereas most books currently on the market are based on corporate culture and quality management, this book uniquely considers cross-cultural impacts on organizational effectiveness and global human resource management.

This book provides opportunities for business practitioners and researchers to learn practices that are effective in building sustainable organizational excellence. It offers a practice guide to building a quality management program that emphasizes culturally-diverse work environments, cross-cultural management, and organizational excellence.

chapter 2|17 pages

The Chicken or the Egg? On the Interplay between Culture and Quality Management Systems

ByRoslina Ab Wahid, Nigel P. Grigg

chapter 3|25 pages

Building Ethical Cultures in the Gulf Construction Sector: Implications on Corporations’ Quality Management

ByFroilan T. Malit, Jenny Knowles Morrison, Kristian Alexander

chapter 8|12 pages

Creating a Culture of ISO 26000 (CSR) for the Mining Industry: A Review

ByFlevy Lasrado, Faisal Hai