This new book shows middle and high school science teachers how to use evidence-based inquiry to help students achieve deeper conceptual understanding. Drawing on a wealth of research, authors Pat Brown and Jim Concannon demonstrate how direct, hands-on experience in the science classroom can enable your students to become more self-reliant learners. They also provide a plethora of model lessons aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and offer advice on how to create your own lesson plans and activities to satisfy the demands of your curriculum. With the resources in this book, you and your students will be able to ditch the textbook and embark upon an exciting and rewarding journey to scientific discovery.


chapter 1|8 pages

What Are the Features of Evidence-Driven Inquiry?

ByPatrick Brown, James Concannon

chapter 2|10 pages

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

ByPatrick Brown, James Concannon

chapter 3|6 pages

Model Lesson 1: How Thin Is Foil?

Applying Density to Find the Thickness of Aluminum Foil
ByJames Concannon

chapter 4|14 pages

Model Lesson 2: An Interdisciplinary Theme

Topographic Maps and Plate Tectonics
ByJames Concannon, Linda Aulgur

chapter 5|9 pages

Model Lesson 3: Students' Use of the PSOE Model to Understand Weather and Climate

ByPatrick Brown, James Concannon

chapter 6|8 pages

Model Lesson 4: Teaching Bernoulli's Principle through Demos

ByPatrick Brown, Patricia Friedrichsen

chapter 7|14 pages

Model Lesson 5: Gravity Is Easy to Understand, Right?

The Difference between Calculating and Comprehending
ByJames Concannon

chapter 8|10 pages

Model Lesson 6: Students' Investigations in Temperature and Pressure

ByPatrick Brown, James Concannon, Bernhard Hansert, Ron Frederick, Glen Frerichs

chapter 9|9 pages

Model Lesson 7: 2-Liter Bottles and Botanical Gardens

Using Inquiry to Learn Ecology
ByPatrick Brown, Patricia Friedrichsen, Lou Mongler

chapter 11|10 pages

Model Lesson 9: Are You Teaching Your Students about Stem Cells?

ByJames Concannon, Patrick Brown, Trisha Brandt

chapter 12|6 pages

Model Lesson 10: Transforming Osmosis

Labs to Address Standards for Inquiry
ByJames Concannon, Patrick Brown

chapter 13|3 pages

Lessons Learned

ByPatrick Brown, James Concannon