This book addresses central questions regarding parental involvement across European educational systems; exploring the commonalities and differences across European countries and the extent to which current policy and practice pertaining to parental involvement is inclusive of diversity.

Adopting an interdisciplinary approach that draws from the fields of education, sociology and psychology, it presents a description of the policy context and empirical research on critical perspectives relating to parental involvement. Comprising a rich varied cross-section of national experiences from eleven European countries and the contexts surrounding them, case studies provide insights into parental involvement across Europe and identify challenges in the field.

This volume’s in-depth approach and comprehensive interrogation of parental involvement across European education systems make it an ideal resource for parents, teachers and academics, researchers and post-graduate students in the fields of education policy and comparative education, as well as teacher educators and policy makers.

chapter |7 pages


chapter 1|13 pages


Depicting the landscape of school–family relationships and family–school involvement in Cyprus

chapter 2|15 pages


Parental involvement in Germany

chapter 3|13 pages


Home–school cooperation in Iceland: characteristics and values

chapter 4|15 pages


Parental involvement in Ireland

chapter 5|13 pages

The Netherlands

Parental involvement in the Netherlands

chapter 6|13 pages


Parental involvement in Norway – ideals and realities

chapter 7|14 pages


Family involvement and participation in schools in Portugal: the difficulty in sharing responsibilities

chapter 8|16 pages


Overprotective parenthood: parental involvement in the educational trajectories of their children in Slovenia

chapter 9|13 pages


Parental involvement in Sweden exemplified through national policy on homework support

chapter 10|16 pages


Parental involvement and career decision-making: the case of Switzerland

chapter 11|13 pages

United Kingdom

Divided and United Kingdom: parents in education and the common issue of inequality across the diversity of four nations

chapter 12|13 pages

United Kingdom

Parental involvement: a feminist critical review from a UK perspective

chapter 14|10 pages

Parental involvement across European education systems

A critical conclusion