At the beginning of the twenty-first century, both the crisis of liberal democracy, as visible in, for example, the rise of far-right actors in Europe and the United States, and environmental crises, from declining biodiversity to climate change, are increasingly in the public spotlight. Whilst both areas have been analysed extensively on their own, The Far Right and the Environment: Politics, Discourse and Communication provides much needed insights into their intersection by illuminating the environmental communication of far-right party and non-party actors in Europe and the United States. Although commonly perceived as a ‘left-wing’ issue today, concerns over the natural environment by the far right have a long, ideology-driven history. Thus, it is not surprising that some members of the far right offer distinctive ecological visions of communal life, though, for example, climate-change scepticism is voiced too. Investigating this range of stances within their discourse about the natural environment provides a window into the wider politics of the far right and points to a close connection between the politics of identity and the imagination of nature. Connecting the fields of environmental communication and study of the far right, contributions to this edited volume therefore offer timely assessments of this often-overlooked dimension of far-right politics.

chapter 1|17 pages

Far-Right Articulations of the Natural Environment

An introduction

part I|35 pages

Two fields, many topics

chapter 3|16 pages

Environmental Communication Research

Origins, development and new directions

part II|49 pages

Western Europe

chapter 4|15 pages

‘Protecting Our Green and Pleasant Land’

UKIP, the BNP and a history of green ideology on Britain’s far right

chapter 5|16 pages

From Black to Green

Analysing Le Front National’s ‘patriotic ecology’

chapter 6|16 pages

Environmental Politics on the Italian Far Right

Not a party issue?

part III|46 pages

Nordic Countries

chapter 8|15 pages

The Far Right and Climate Change Denial

Denouncing environmental challenges via anti-establishment rhetoric, marketing of doubts, industrial/breadwinner masculinities enactments and ethno-nationalism

chapter 9|15 pages

The Allure of Exploding Bats

The Finns Party’s populist environmental communication and the media *

part IV|103 pages

Central Europe

part V|66 pages

Beyond Europe

chapter 15|18 pages

In the Heartland of Climate Scepticism

A hyperlink network analysis of German climate sceptics and the US right wing 1

chapter 16|18 pages

Alt-Right Ecology

Ecofascism and far-right environmentalism in the United States

chapter 17|17 pages

The Rhetorical Landscapes of the ‘Alt Right’ and the Patriot Movements

Settler entitlement to native land

chapter 18|11 pages

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Some preliminary conclusions on the far right and its natural environment(s)