Building off the highly successful The Cyborg Handbook, this new collection of essays, interviews, and creative pieces brings together a set of compelling personal accounts about what it means to live as a cyborg in the twenty-first century.

Human integration with complex technologies goes back to clothes, cooking, and language, but has accelerated incredibly in the last few centuries, with interest spreading among scientists, coders, people with sophisticated implants, theorists, and artists. This collection includes some of the most articulate of these voices from over 25 countries, including Donna Haraway, Stelarc, Natasha Vita-More, Steve Mann, Amber Case, Michael Chorost, Moon Ribas, Kevin Warwick, Sandy Stone, Dion Farquhar, Angeliki Malakasioti, Elif Ayiter, Heesang Lee, Angel Gordo, and others. Addressing topics including race, gender, sexuality, class, conflict, capitalism, climate change, disability and beyond, this collection also explores the differences between robots, androids, cyborgs, hybrids, post-, trans-, and techno-humans, offering readers a critical vocabulary for understanding and discussing the cyborgification of culture and everyday life.

Compelling, interdisciplinary, and international, the book is a perfect primer for students, researchers, and teachers of cyberculture, media and cultural theory, and science fiction studies, as well as anyone interested in the intersections between human and machine.

chapter |20 pages

“You are a Cyborg; Deal with it!”

The Overdetermination of Cyborgization

part 1|52 pages

Being a Cyborg Is My Job

chapter 1|9 pages


Why Priveillance Is More Important to Our Cyborg Future Than Privacy

chapter 2|12 pages

The Avatars of alpha.tribe

chapter 5|10 pages

The Body Vehicle

An Argument for Transhuman Bodies

part 2|61 pages

Being a Cyborg for My Health

chapter 8|12 pages


Estampas Itinerantes en Mi Tratamento de Cáncer/Itinerant Portraits in My Cancer Treatment

chapter 9|9 pages

To See With Eyes Unshielded

Perceiving Life as a Partible Cyborg

chapter 12|8 pages

The Ghost in the Biome

chapter 13|13 pages

“Cyborg” “Mom”

part 3|54 pages

Imagining Myself Cyborg

chapter 15|6 pages

Computer Kid

chapter 16|9 pages

Seven Ghosts

Critical Confessions of a Psyborg Mind

chapter 17|13 pages

A Mundane Cyborg

The Smartphone, the Body, and the City

chapter 19|8 pages

On Cultural Cyborgs

part 4|49 pages

Performing My Cyborgness

chapter 20|4 pages

Waiting for Earthquakes

chapter 23|8 pages


chapter 24|15 pages

Zombies, Cyborgs and Chimeras

Alternate Anatomical Architectures

part 5|61 pages

Thinking Myself a Cyborg

chapter 27|9 pages

Being a Cyborg in a Connected World Increasingly Mediated by Algorithms

From the Perspective of Two Brazilian Journalists

chapter 28|8 pages

Social Challenges

The Serious Game of Digitalization

chapter 29|11 pages

Disc/erning the Crisis

A Mundane Cyborg Throws Hope to the Wind

chapter 30|20 pages

The Best Possible Now