This is the first book to consider the intersections of sport, international development and environmental sustainability. It explores the tensions between sport’s potential contribution to the environment and its rather poor record to date.

Bringing together a diverse group of scholars who approach the topic from various disciplinary and theoretical perspectives, the book provides both critical and optimistic perspectives on the place of sport in sustainable development. Chapters examine and question how and whether sport contributes to sustainable development on an international scale. Attention is also paid to the place and role of Indigenous knowledge in sustainable Sport for Development, particularly as an alternative to modernization and/or in support of reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.

Sport, Development and Environmental Sustainability is important reading for academic researchers, students and policy-makers in the fields of kinesiology, sport studies, sport sociology, leisure studies, sport management, sport media, physical cultural studies, environmental studies and sustainability and international development studies.

chapter 1|18 pages


Sport, development and environmental sustainability – issues and controversies
ByRob Millington, Simon C. Darnell

chapter 2|16 pages

Add sport and stir?

The SDGs and sport-environment-development
ByLarry A. Swatuk

chapter 3|16 pages

Golf, the environment, and development

Past, present, and future
ByBrad Millington, Brian Wilson

chapter 5|15 pages

Postcolonialism, pristine natures, and producing the village green

Pastoral Englishness in Indian cricket-themed gated communities
ByDevra Waldman, Gavin Weedon

chapter 6|15 pages

From the IOC Sport and Environment Commission to Sustainability and Legacy Commission

The prospects for the environmental sustainability legacy of Olympic Games host nations under Agenda 2020
ByJohn Karamichas

chapter 7|19 pages

Ecological modernization in 2018 PyeongChang Winter Games

The elitist and unjust environmental performance
ByKyoung-yim Kim

chapter 8|17 pages

Of mosquitoes and mega-events

Urban political ecologies of the more-than-human city
ByCarolyn Prouse

chapter 9|18 pages

Neoliberalism and competitive nationalism

What the 2010 Commonwealth Games and 1982 Asian Games reveal about India’s development trajectory
ByMitu Sengupta

chapter 11|15 pages

Indigenous peoples, sport and sustainability

ByDan Henhawk, Richard Norman