Global Citizenship Education and Teacher Education brings together scholars and practitioners from all continents to explore the role of teacher education in formulating a practice of citizenship that has a global scope and is guided by critical and emancipatory approaches.

By considering educational responses to global challenges —such as global warming, rising levels of inequalities, intensification of armed conflicts, growing streams of international migration, and the impact of neoliberal policies—this book provides valuable analyses for researchers, teacher educators, and educators. The volume examines historical and conceptual issues relating to the incorporation of global citizenship education in teacher education, and presents examples from across the world that showcase main trends in research and practice from across the world.

This book is of great interest to graduate and postgraduate students, researchers, and libraries in the fields of citizenship education, global education, teacher education, international and comparative education, and education policy and politics.

chapter |19 pages

Teachers’ Education and Global Citizenship Education

An Introduction
ByDaniel Schugurensky, Charl Wolhuter

chapter 1|20 pages

Different Views on Global Citizenship Education

Making Global Citizenship Education More Critical, Political and Justice-Oriented
ByWiel Veugelers

chapter 2|16 pages

Critical Global Citizenship Education in Canada, England, and the United States

Interrogating (In)justice and Self-reflexivity in Teacher Education Programs
ByJennifer K. Bergen, Sharon A. Cook, Lorna R. McLean

chapter 3|29 pages

The Struggle for ‘Thick’ or Transformative Citizenship

A Global Perspective on Educators’ Views on Democracy and Citizenship
ByDavid Zyngier

chapter 4|17 pages

Citizenship Education Beyond the Nation State

Implications for Teacher Education
BySeungho Moon, Charles Tocci

chapter 5|23 pages

Global Citizenship Education in Teacher Education

Is There Any Alternative Beyond Redemptive Dreams and Nightmarish Germs?
ByGustavo E. Fischman, Marta Estellés

chapter 7|22 pages

Global Citizenship Education and Teacher Education in Africa

BySamson Maekele Tsegay, Mcjerry Atta Bekoe

chapter 8|18 pages

Global Citizenship Education in East, South, and Southeast Asia

ByMichael Goh, Megan C. Deutschman

chapter 9|22 pages

Global Citizenship Education in Teacher Education in Asia

A Case Study From Vietnam
ByHoa Truong-White, Thi Nhat Ho

chapter 10|14 pages

Global Citizenship Education and Teacher Education in Spain and Portugal

ByAlfredo Gomes Dias, Antonio Ernesto Gómez Rodríguez, Antoni Santisteban, Joan Pagès Blanch

chapter 11|18 pages

Exploring Global Citizenship in Teacher Education Across Europe

A Comparative Analysis of Austria, Czech Republic, Ireland and Italy
ByMassimiliano Tarozzi

chapter 12|17 pages

Global Citizenship Education in Teacher Education in Canada and the US

Trends, Barriers, and Possibilities
ByKaren Pashby, Laura C. Engel

chapter 13|14 pages

Teacher Education and Global Citizenship Education in Latin America

The Cases of Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia
ByGustavo A. González-Valencia, Miguel Angel Jara, Sixtina Pinochet Pinochet, Léia Adriana da Silva Santiago, Joan Pagès Blanch

chapter 14|21 pages

Global Citizenship Education and Teacher Education in Oceania

ByNiranjan Casinader