The fourth volume of The History of Evil explores the key thinkers and themes relating to the question of evil in eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The very idea of "evil" is highly contentious in modern thought and this period was one in which the concept was intensely debated and criticized. The persistence of the idea of evil is a testament to the abiding significance of theology in the period, not least in Germany. Comprising twenty-two chapters by international scholars, some of the topics explored include: Berkeley on evil, Voltaire and the Philosophes, John Wesley on the origins of evil, Immanuel Kant on evil, autonomy and grace, the deliverance of evil: utopia and evil, utilitarianism and evil, evil in Schelling and Schopenhauer, Friedrich Nietzsche and the genealogy of evil, and evil and the nineteenth-century idealists.

This volume also explores a number of other key thinkers and topics within the period. This outstanding treatment of the history of evil at the crucial and determinative inception of its key concepts will appeal to those with particular interests in the ideas of evil and good.

chapter |4 pages


ByDouglas Hedley

chapter 1|17 pages

Berkeley on evil

ByJohn Roberts

chapter 2|17 pages

Voltaire and the Philosophes

ByDale Jacquette

chapter 3|15 pages

Jonathan Edwards

ByWilliam J. Wainwright

chapter 4|20 pages

John Wesley on the origins of evil

ByBarry E. Bryant

chapter 5|16 pages


ByCharlotte R. Brown, William Edward Morris

chapter 6|14 pages

Immanuel Kant on evil, autonomy, and grace

ByJeanine M. Grenberg

chapter 7|14 pages

The deliverance of evil

Utopia and evil
ByNicole Pohl

chapter 8|18 pages

Utilitarianism and evil

ByGeoffrey Scarre

chapter 9|14 pages

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

ByPaul Redding

chapter 10|17 pages

Evil in Schelling and Schopenhauer

ByAlistair Welchman

chapter 11|15 pages

Charles Darwin and the Problem of Evil

ByMichael Ruse

chapter 12|15 pages

Ludwig Feuerbach

ByDan Yim

chapter 13|14 pages

Søren Kierkegaard

ByAnthony Rudd

chapter 14|11 pages

Evil in the philosophy of Karl Marx

ByWilliam L. McBride

chapter 15|14 pages


ByGeorge Pattison

chapter 16|12 pages

Friedrich Nietzsche and the genealogy of evil

ByDavid Booth

chapter 17|23 pages

Is colonialism evil?

ByDavid A. Hoekema

chapter 18|16 pages

Evil and the nineteenth-century idealists

ByLeslie Armour

chapter 19|5 pages


ByMike Gane

chapter 20|20 pages


ByJonathan Healey

chapter 21|19 pages

Modern European racism

Eighteenth-century views of race
ByJulie K. Ward

chapter 22|22 pages


ByJil Evans, Charles Taliaferro