Reflecting the importance of drawing on children’s perspectives to shape professional practice, this book offers a nuanced approach to understanding the aims, implications and practicalities of accessing and incorporating children’s perspectives in pedagogial practices relating to transitions. Listening to Children’s Advice about Starting School and School Age Care:

  • emphasises the importance of listening to and respecting children’s perspectives at the time of their transitions to school and school age care;
  • shares children’s perspectives of the transition to school and school age care in ways that are both authentic and provocative;
  • explores implications for practice as a consequence of children’s input;
  • provokes a deep level of critical reflection and practice/policy development that is informed by a dialogue between research and practice.

Chapters report research conducted in seven different countries to highlight approaches that acknowledge and respect children’s input, and use this as a basis for critical reflection on practice, with a view to improving the children’s transition experiences. Using examples of practice and offering practical and theoretical insights, the book illustrates the multiplicity of children’s perspectives, and prompts educators to reflect on and critique practice.

This book will be invaluable reading for researchers, students, educators and practitioners involved in young children’s transitions to school and school-age care.

chapter 1|13 pages

Children’s perspectives of transition to school

Exploring possibilities

chapter 3|16 pages

Children’s agency in transition experiences

Understanding possibilities and challenges

chapter 4|13 pages

Transitions as a two-way window

Separation and adjustment in transition through the eyes of children starting school

chapter 5|14 pages

Different transitions 1

Children’s different experiences of the transition to school

chapter 7|15 pages

Children’s views on their learning in preschool and school 1

Reflections and influence on practice

chapter 8|17 pages

Connecting school and leisure-time centre

Children as brokers

chapter 9|17 pages

Children’s voices as a bridge between educators in kindergarten and teachers in primary school

Potential of children’s perspectives to support professional development

chapter 10|12 pages

Children’s voices about transition processes

Strategic adaptation and civic resilience

chapter 11|12 pages

From research to practice

Continuing the conversation