Thomas Paine is a unique political thinker who has continued to attract scholarly and popular attention from the time he wrote about both the American and French Revolutions at the end of the eighteenth century. This collection brings together the most recent essays debating the meaning and relevance of Paine's works. It includes an historiographical survey of scholarship about Paine and articles by the leading authorities in the field. The essays survey his life, analyze his ideas, place them in their social and intellectual context, and appraise their significance today.

part I|38 pages

Survey of the Literature

chapter 1|27 pages

Thomas Paine: A Survey of Research and Criticism Since 1945

ByA. Owen Aldridge

chapter 2|8 pages

The Lifelong Education of Thomas Paine (1737–1809)

Some Reflections upon His Acquaintance among Books
ByCaroline Robbins

part II|145 pages

Tom Paine and the History of Political Ideas

chapter 3|14 pages

The Moral Economics of Tom Paine

ByWilliam Christian

chapter 4|18 pages

Thomas Paine

“Prepare in Time an Asylum for Mankind”
ByBernard Bailyn

chapter 5|8 pages

A Note on Common Sense and Christian Eschatology

ByStephen Newman

chapter 6|18 pages

Nature and Revolution in Paine’s Common Sense *

ByJack Fruchtman

chapter 7|19 pages

From Liberalism to Radicalism: Tom Paine’s Rights of Man

ByGary Kates

chapter 8|29 pages

Paine and Burke: God, nature and politics

ByIan Harris

chapter 9|23 pages

Thomas Paine

Ransom, Civil Peace, and the Natural Right to Welfare
ByJohn W. Seaman

part III|84 pages

Paine and Republican Ideology

chapter 12|25 pages

Radical Lockeanism in American Political Culture

ByRichard J. Eliis

chapter 13|28 pages

English Republicanism in the 1790s*

ByMark Philp

part IV|92 pages

Paine and the Social History of Ideas

chapter 14|13 pages

Ideology and the Origins of Liberal America

ByGordon S. Wood

chapter 16|30 pages

Religion and Radicalism

English Political Theory in the Age of Revolution
ByIsaac Kramnick

part V|99 pages

Literary Analyses of Paine’s Writings

chapter 18|40 pages

The Commonalities of Common Sense

ByRobert A. Ferguson

chapter 19|11 pages

Style and Identification in Common Sense

ByElaine K. Ginsberg

chapter 20|15 pages

Familial Politics: Thomas Paine and the Killing of the King, 1776

ByWinthrop D. Jordan

chapter 21|8 pages

Tom Paine and American Loneliness

ByMartin Roth

part VI|31 pages

Paine in Radical History