Bringing together case studies from Europe, Africa and North and South America, this book makes a fresh assessment of the role of the individual and the state in land development. It discusses a range of issues related to land reform, land development and land management, providing a unique reflection of the current state of research. Particular emphasis is laid on the implementation of sustainable processes of land development as an integrated principle of land management. The book examines the rights of the land users and addresses a number of issues relating to sustainability and land development, ranging from emerging land markets and environmental issues, through to natural resource development. The case studies provide practical examples of the application of land reform and land development to land management.

chapter 1|5 pages


ByRobert Dixon-Gough

chapter 8|17 pages

Managing Informal Settlements in Botswana

ByR. W. Dixon-Gough, Otladisane Molobeng

chapter 9|30 pages

The Contribution of Foreign Assistance to the Development of Land Markets and the Strengthening of Property Rights: The Case of USAID

ByPeter C. Bloch, Susana Lastarria-Cornhiel, J. David Stanfield

chapter 10|15 pages

Comparative Evaluation of Purchase and Subdivision Processes in Denmark, England and Wales, and Belarus

ByMarina Vaskovitch, Robert Dixon-Gough, Erik Stubkjær

chapter 11|18 pages

The Role of Land Consolidation and Land Readjustment in Modern Society

ByRobert Dixon-Gough

chapter 12|8 pages

Land Tenure Reform in Scotland

ByAnthony Andrew