The French elections of 2002 provided an opportunity to assess the political development of the regime, and in particular developments within the complex phenomenon of French presidentialism within a party system. In this thorough analysis, John Gaffney looks at the institutional, political and electoral 'moments' of 2002, which saw both presidential and legislative elections and a major upheaval in the political life of France. Bringing together a range of scholars, the volume includes contributions from historians, political scientists, economists, cultural studies experts and media experts to offer a thorough and textured analysis of French politics.

chapter 1|15 pages

The 2002 Elections in Institutional and Comparative Perspective

ByJohn Gaffney

chapter 5|34 pages

The Media and the Elections

ByRaymond Kuhn

chapter 6|15 pages

The Television Campaigns for the French Elections of 2002

ByIrène Hill

chapter 7|17 pages

Jacques Chirac's Campaign: President in Spite of Himself?

BySteven Griggs

chapter 9|16 pages

Jean-Marie Le Pen and the Front National: Crisis and Recovery

ByCatherine Fieschi

chapter 10|15 pages

The Greens 2002: Coming Down to Earth

ByFlorence Faucher

chapter 13|22 pages

The Effects of Gender Parity in Elections: The French Case

ByKaren Bird

chapter 14|16 pages

‘Europe’ in the 2002 French Elections

ByHelen Drake

chapter 16|19 pages

A Crisis of Democracy?

ByNick Hewlett

chapter 17|25 pages

Chronology of Events, January–June 2002

ByNathalie Collomb-Robert