Does science pose a challenge to religion and religious belief? This question has been a matter of long-standing debate - and it continues to concern not only scholars in philosophy, theology, and the sciences, but also those involved in public educational policy. This volume provides background to the current 'science and religion' debate, yet focuses as well on themes where recent discussion of the relation between science and religion has been particularly concentrated. The first theme deals with the history of the interrelation of science and religion. The second and third themes deal with the implications of recent work in cosmology, biology and so-called intelligent design for religion and religious belief. The fourth theme is concerned with 'conceptual issues' underlying, or implied, in the current debates, such as: Are scientific naturalism and religion compatible? Are science and religion bodies of knowledge or practices or both? Do religion and science offer conflicting truth claims? By illuminating contemporary discussion in the science-religion debate and by outlining the options available in describing the relation between the two, this volume will be of interest to scholars and to members of the educated public alike.

chapter |15 pages


Rethinking Relations between Science and Religion
ByWilliam Sweet

part I|72 pages

History and Contexts in Biology and Evolutionary Theory

part II|54 pages

Physics, Philosophy, and Fine-Tuning

chapter 5|18 pages

Creation, Metaphysics, and Cosmology

ByLawrence Dewan

chapter 7|10 pages

Whitehead, God, and Relativity

ByRichard Feist

part III|54 pages

Naturalism and the Non-Natural

chapter 9|7 pages

On Scientific Explanations of God-Experiences

ByJerome Gellman

chapter 10|16 pages

The Human Genome Revolution, Society, and Religion

ByJob Kozhamthadam

part IV|36 pages

Conceptual Issues

chapter 13|18 pages

Can Science Provide Evidence for Metaphysics?

ByLeslie Armour

chapter 14|16 pages

Science and Religious Belief Some Conceptual Issues 1

ByWilliam Sweet