The work of Richard Harries, Bishop of Oxford from 1987 to 2006, has been highly distinctive for the consistency of its engagement with contemporary society. It represents a model of the Church which is outward-looking, a Church which is as ready to learn from others as it is to offer its own wisdom and resources. This book reflects on Richard Harries' ministry in the 'borderlands' of society and Church, and engages deeply with the nature of modern society and the place of the Church within it. Taking Richard Harries' contributions as their inspiration, key figures, each of them major commentators on areas of pressing contemporary concern, probe the important questions which people are asking about a range of social issues. Arms and violence, the role of the media in public life, spirituality, multifaith Britain, sex, capitalism, the second chamber, and medical ethics are all discussed, building up a serious debate on the kind of society in which we live and making suggestive comments about the part which the Church might play. Contributors: Sabina Alkire, Michael Bourke, Melvyn Bragg, John Drury, Claire Foster, Jonathan Gorsky, Anthony Howard, Douglas Hurd, Eric James, Julia Neuberger, Edmund Newell, Christopher Rowland, Jane Shaw, Margaret Shepherd, Roger Wagner, Keith Ward, Rowan Williams, Shirley Williams and James Woodward.

part Two|136 pages

Engaging with Issues

chapter 4|13 pages

Arms and Justice

chapter 5|7 pages

The Media and the Church

chapter 8|18 pages

Sex and the Church of England

chapter 10|10 pages

Art and Faith

chapter 11|20 pages

Poetry and Truth

chapter 12|8 pages

The House of Lords and Religion

chapter 13|12 pages

Christian Medical Ethics

part Three|46 pages

Public Life and the Place of the Church

chapter 14|38 pages

A Dialogue

chapter 15|6 pages

The Health of the Spirit