The change from old to new technologies has fundamentally changed the relationship between the consumer and the firm. This book is at the frontier of behavioural research into how these new commercial realities are borne out in practice, examining the adoption of e-commerce by small firms and the transactional phenomenon that entails access to the Internet. In analyzing the process of e-commerce adoption and why e-commerce actors behave as they do, its coverage includes the adoption of information and communication technologies (ICT) by small firms; the use of ICT applications to support marketing and sales transactions; and the factors that influence consumers' online purchasing decisions.

part I|119 pages

Impact of e-Commerce on Small Firms

chapter 1|18 pages

Stage Models of ICT Adoption in Small Firms

ByColin Gray

chapter 2|13 pages

Social Influence and Diffusion of Innovations in Education

ByCarlo Tomasetto, Felice Carugati

chapter 3|16 pages

Climate for Innovation, Attitudes to Internet and ICT Adoption in Small Firms

BySalvatore Zappalà, Guido Sarchielli

chapter 4|11 pages

Changing Leadership Cultures in e-Commerce Service Industry

ByMikko J. Ruohonen

chapter 5|17 pages

e-Business and Small Firms in London

ByJane Tebbutt

chapter 6|19 pages

The Value of Internet Forums to Small Rural Businesses

ByRobert Mochrie, Laura Galloway, David Deakins

chapter 7|19 pages

e-Business and the Work Organization in Craft Enterprises

BySabine Wendt, Tatjana Grek, Lothar Lissner

part II|55 pages

Internet Marketing and Website Effectiveness

chapter 8|16 pages

Internet Marketing and the Portuguese Marketplace

ByRute Xavier, Francisco Costa Pereira

chapter 9|11 pages

e-Marketing Adoption in Organizations

ByAbdel Monim Shaltoni

chapter 11|15 pages

Website Usability: Cognitive versus Activity Theory Approaches

ByElvis Mazzoni

part III|83 pages

Impact of e-Commerce on Consumers

chapter 12|12 pages

Consumption on the Net

ByLaura Sartori

chapter 13|15 pages

Affective States, Purchase Intention and Perceived Risk in Online Shopping

ByElfriede Penz, Erich M. Kirchler

chapter 14|15 pages

Risk Perception in Online Shopping

ByMarco G. Mariani, Salvatore Zappalà

chapter 15|11 pages

The Fun Side of the Internet

ByDaniele Scarpi

chapter 16|14 pages

Risk Perception as a Motivational Barrier for Online Purchasing

ByAnnamaria Silvana de Rosa, Elena Bocci, Sara Saurini

chapter 17|11 pages

Conclusions: Common Themes and Future Perspectives

BySalvatore Zappalà, Colin Gray