Investigating Human Resource Management issues in Russia, this volume looks at the current state of Human Resource practice within Russian enterprises; its various problems and possible solutions. Following a detailed introduction into the current economic developments taking place in Russia, the book examines the new role of the HR department in Russian enterprises, and the influence of national politics on HR practice. The book also discusses key HRM issues such as recruitment and selection, training and development, payment and compensation, before surveying the various HR problems encountered by multinational companies working in Russia.

chapter |22 pages


The Broader Historical, Social and Economic Context of the Current Situation in Russia
ByMichel E. Domsch, Tatjana Lidokhover

part I|127 pages

Human Resource Management Issues

chapter 2|22 pages

Leadership Development in Russia

ByStanislav V. Shekshnia, Daniel J. McCarthy, Sheila M. Puffer

chapter 3|24 pages

Control and Alienation in Russian Enterprises

ByMoshe Banai, William D. Reisel

chapter 4|15 pages

Trust and Organizational Culture

ByTatiana Kovaleva

chapter 5|28 pages

HRM Practices in Virtual Companies in Russia 1

BySofia Kosheleva, Marina Libo

chapter 6|17 pages

Human Resource Management at a Steel Giant in Russia 1

ByVera Trappmann

part II|91 pages

Key HRM Issues

chapter 7|17 pages

Recruitment at Russian Enterprises

ByValery Yakubovich, Irina kozina

chapter 9|15 pages

Training and Development of Personnel in Russian Companies

ByTatiana Soltitskaya, Tatiana Andreeva

chapter 11|15 pages

Pay in Russia

ByGraham Hollinshead

part III|88 pages

HRM Practices in Multinational Companies

chapter 12|14 pages

Western-Russian Acquisition Negotiations and Post-Acquisition Integration: A Case Study

ByKenneth Husted, Snejina Michailova

chapter 13|31 pages

Hospitable or Hostile? Knowledge Transfer into the Russian Host Environment 1

ByAdam Smale, Vesa Suutari

chapter 15|24 pages

The Effect of Human Resource Management Practices on MNC Subsidiary Performance in Russia

ByCarl F. Fey, Ingmar Björkman